Hi Again !

    Hiya Ladies !

    Hope you've all been well ! Thank you for all the 'Miss you' messages. I couldn't possibly put into words how much I missed y'all ! Every time I touched a product, I sent out a mental message to y'all on whether to pick it or drop it. Hope they helped you make better decisions.

    Wait, some of didn't receive them ?

    Dadgummit, they blocked us. Apparently we were causing a major beauty chaos along the telepathic network. We'll stick with writing now on...

    During these few weeks (longest break ever !) I wrote two stories for Vogue India. One was on Lakme Fashion Week and the other a natural skin allergy solution with a product found on Indian road sides ! Read all about it here.

    I've been indulging in a lot more natural skin care routines. Since I got here (India) I haven't touched foundation or concealer. Okay, maybe a bit of this powder foundation did make its way onto my face and neck a couple of times but no concealer at all ! Loads more to share but will get back with all of it tomorrow.

    Indian Girl

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