Indian Models Beauty Secrets

    I had a chance to chat up three very popular and gorgeous Indian models - Lakshmi Rana, Pia Trivedi and Alesia Raut. Just wanted to peep back in and tell you guys about it. I am always surprised when I talk to famous peeps and they are all so so so very sweet and give a whole new wonderful meaning to the words - down to earth.

    You can read the story here

    And now you will love my almond face mask a lot , I'm sure

    I am now off to buy me some MAC Twinks eyeshadow.

    Indian Girl

June Showers

    Rains have begun in Mumbai and just like folks in Mumbai promised me - its been beautiful. It will get worse from now on I hear but for now am soaking it all in.

    Work has been great. I am still grateful for being able to do something I love. Lemme know if you'd like me to link my article to the blog for you to read.

    Work apart, life has started to kick in. I have a bunch of friends I like. I love their company. Love hanging out with them. Though I've never had a tough time getting along with anybody and am a pretty laid back person, its been very easy and loads of fun from the start with this bunch. More things to be grateful for.

    Boys. Umm.Get on twitter is all I have to say. I need you there. I need to hear from you. Be my twit fam. I love you to bits *pout*

    I haven't dated in forever. Its always just been distant crushes. Its been so long that now I don't know what to do. And question every move. But as I question I tell myself to let go and just have fun. So that's what I've been trying to do. Its about embarking on the journey now, not yet about arriving at the destination.

    These are some songs I've been listening to on repeat mode. Like I was telling my sister - they speak for me.

    Speak for what I'm feeling. Days when everything seems filled with hope and laughter and possibilities of something nice and warm. Of days when blood is rushing to your cheeks and you wont stop smiling.

    Days when you are plain stuck. Stuck in the between the middle. When uncertainty haunts you. And hope seems distant and near at the same time.

    Days when you think you have loads to say but will not. cannot. Mostly coz you don't know who to say it to.

    My favorite rainy day song. I just sit on my window sill, listening to this all day.

    Share with me your favorite rainy day songs. I'll give you more soon. I know am holding back with my stories. But I've always been this way. My best friend and my sister have a beef with me on this too. But am trying. Am trying to share more. Trying to let it all out. I will get around this and you'll hear more soon. Hugs. Kisses.

    Indian Girl

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