Possibly The Best Under $20 Gift - LORAC Holiday Smoked Out Makeup Collection

    I swear ! I don't think it gets better !

    For $18.50 LORAC put together a giftset that include

    LIP POLISH and a
    CHEEK STAMP all in a chic black makeup bag !!

    The real value is over $90 ! Gotto start collecting these things now so we don't have to fret over last minute no-deal , full price shopping !!!

    The deal is exclusive to loraccosmetics.com

    While you're on the site you'll see the matte lipsticks , blushes and several other things are currently available at extreme discount prices . I am talking $18 things for $4.99 - extreme discounts. Lots of last calls happening on the site. I am guessing they are making way for new products. Its all about the change or the way I see it - saving money !

    Indian Girl

The Story About Mallika Sherawat's Lipstick

    Its been long due, isn't it ! Time sure does fly at lightening speed.

    Mallika is a Bollywood actress and we have been going mad trying to figure out this gorgeous shade on her lips. She tweeted me a while back saying it was a nude shade from Smashbox. I took that and ran with it. The best choice I came up with is the uber fantastic Smashbox lipstick in Captivating - a creamy brown nude.

    Its gorgeous.

    No, its beyond gorgeous.

    Yet its simple and easy.

    We all need a gorgeous, no - beyond gorgeous, simple, easy shade of lipstick in our lives.

    A mauve-nude lip liner works very well with this shade. My favorite mauve-nude lip liner is Most Natural by Milani. I've had it forever ! It works great with several lipsticks including this !

    I for one have convinced myself that its The Smashbox Photofinish Lipstick in Captivating. There probably was a hint of lip gloss added - hence the shimmer shine.

    Smashbox Photofinish Lipstick - Captivating

    Smashbox Photofinish Lipstick - Captivating + Milani Lip Liner - Most Natural

    Another mystery solved by your trustee - Indian Girl.

    Find more nude lipstick shades I'm loving here and here. By far, I think Smashbox makes some of the most wearable nude shades. Keep coming back if you love the nudes ! Therez lots more !

    Indian Girl

Nudey Nude Nude Lips

    I love this retro look that Kim Kardashian did a while back. I've got the winged eye down but I have since forever been looking for a nudey nude nude lip color that didn't look out of place on my tanned skin and pigmented lips.

    And then I saw Mila Kunis do it too. She looks gorgeous, doesn't she !

    And I just had to find my barely there nudey nude shade. You know I even tried the foundation / concealer on lips thingy. You can see how that turned out here.

    Not good.

    After a really long time I finally have found the one for me ! Check it out !

    Its called Nude Scene by LORAC - A sheer flesh toned lipstick. I apply a couple of coats of it on my lips then purse them together with a paper towel in between - Hello Natural Flesh Toned Lips ! One thing to remember - use this on a day when your lips are not one bit dry or cracked. The color will only exaggerate the dryness of broken lips.

    Also, for this picture I did not use a nude lip liner ( Milani - Natural) but I generally do use one when I wear this lipstick. Its especially helpful if you have lips that are darker along the outer corners.

    Do you have a nude nudey nude color you love ?

    Speaking of LORAC look who was spotted carrying a bag of LORAC goodies outta their store - Rachel Bilson ! I love Rachel Bilson - super cute adorable girl ! I wonder what she got...

    Indian Girl

Bobbi Brown Chrome Collection & Extreme Party Mascara : Preview

    Lots of new goodies from Bobbi Brown coming in this November !

    The Chrome Collection

    The Chrome Collection is a cool, contemporary take on holiday beauty by Bobbi Brown. It features icy shimmering accents for eyes and lips. The chrome fold-out palette includes everything needed to create countless party-read looks including: 10 eye shadows, 4 lip shades, a Mini Eye Shadow Brush and a Mini Lip Brush !

    Chrome lips ! Can ya believe it ! The three new limited edition products for lips include Port Lip Color, Chrome Metallic Lip Color and Plum Pearl Metallic Lip Color.

    The collection also includes Bobbi’s holiday Chrome Mini Brush Set- the perfect present for the beauty-junkie in your life (or yourself!). The set, which comes in a chrome zip-around cases features a Mini Face Blender, our new Mini Angle Eye Shadow Brush and a Mini Eye Liner brush.

    Extreme Party Mascara :

    Oh how I love the name of this mascara !
    The new “re-activation” formula, in Extreme Party Mascara remains just as clean and buildable as the first coat- whether we choose to go bolder right away or ten hours later ! I have never had a mascara that I could apply ten hours later over an existing coat without pulling out a few lashes or creating a mess. I almost never do it. Finally somebody has a formula for it !

    And here is Bobbi showing the pretty collection on the model.

    Indian Girl

Hard Candy : Good Bargains You Say ? Lets See...

    Apart from the nail polish two other products from Hard Candy caught my eye as total bargain beasts.

    One is the Mouthing Off Sheer Lip Shine and the other The Radiant Shadow Stick.

    Mouthing Off Sheer Lip Shine - Sweet Treat ($6)

    I don't like lip gloss. Given that, I am very very picky about lip glosses. If its sticky, its going to be heavy & I get a headache from all of the weight. Hence I don't like lip gloss


    Unless its a non sticky / light formula. This one is and it costs only $6 ! Bargain beast or what !! The shade I tried Sweet Treat is a brown nude with a hint of coppery shimmer. Nothing gritty, nothing I could feel on my lips. It is very versatile shade. I love layering it over red lipsticks / nude lipsticks. An absolute treat to wear !

    On my lips it looks like a slightly coppery version of Stila Kitten.

    Hard Candy Shadow Stick - Star ($6)

    The shadow stick was more of a surprise to me. I was surprised I like it. And the only reason I did was the light gel like formula. Its a gel based shadow that you can directly apply on your eyes or use your finger / brush. Its best used as a layer under powder shadows for longer wear and deeper color.

    I don't see myself using it on its own because it would just crease and vanish in a couple of hours. Its true purpose in life is to be down under below the powder shadow. Trust me.

    I hate how most cream/ gel eyeshadow / liners are so darn expensive. Most often they are used for layering too and to pay $22 for it feels very heavy. This would be a great alternative for such times ! The shade I tried was Star - a deep blue.

    Have you tried any Hard Candy items ? Anything you're loving ?

    Indian Girl

Crazy Easy Scary Bloody Vampire Look

    The scary vampires are from The Vampire Diaries , of course. This is my take on their blood shot eyes. It took about 5 minutes to do this . I don't think any more time should be spent on a Halloween look. In 10 minutes of entering the party you're gonna be drunk and then everybody looks just the same - hardly scary.

    Oh yeah - this is tanned vampire. Go figure.

    Also the look is cheap.

    Products Used :

    NYC Maximum Boost Volumizing Mascara - Blackberry Brandy
    Julie Hewett Cheekie - Vampie
    Julie Hewett Lip Liner - Sin Noir
    Revlon Golden Affair Blush - Merlot At Midnight
    Urban Decay Deluxe Eye Shadow - Freakshow

    Description :

    1. Start off with no concealer. (yay!)
    2. Its all about not getting anything right.
    3. Apply a purple/ wine cream shadow / blush all over your eyes and under the eyes. Lightly dab it all over. Should not be neat.
    I cannot stress that enough.
    I used Julie Hewett Vampie
    4. Use a deep red blush / eyeshadow. Load it onto a fluffy brush and dust it all over eyes and below it.
    I used Revlon Blush - Merlot At Midnight.
    5. Using the same fluffy brush, load the deep purple shadow onto the brush. Dust it along the outer corner of your eye. Also using a thinner brush, layer it along your lower lash line - thick unruly line.
    6. Take the red mascara and run it on your brows, tinting them to a deep red. Tint your lashes as well.
    I used NYC Maximum Boost Volumizing Mascara - Blackberry Brandy
    7. Take the red mascara goop , load it onto a thing eyeliner brush and draw the veins.
    8. Or you could just roll the mascara wand under your eye and along the edges for a crazy red pattern and drop some goop here and there.
    The goop is important.
    Very important.
    9.Line your lower lash line, water line with a red / copper eye pencil.
    I used Julie Hewett Lip Liner - Sin Noir
    10. Take some mascara goop and apply it on the corner of your mouth to mimic dripping blood.
    Use a deep wine / red shade on your lips.
    I used Julie Hewett - Vampie

    That's it !

    The only time mascara goop comes in handy.

    The veins on my right eye.

    The mascara pattern + goop on left eye.
    Its all about giving my readers a choice.
    Nobody is talking about the quality of the choices offered.

    Indian Girl


    Lets start Monday with loads of eye candy pictures and girl talk, shall we ?
    Haha ! I knew you'd be game for it !

    Been wondering where all the cute guys went ? I'll tell you where they went .
    Took up and ran off to Hollywood. That's where they went. Now all I can do is get my dose of eye candy on TV.

    Too bad...coz nothing beats the real deal , you know.

    Not like that should stop us...
    Or will...

    Alexandar Skarsgard

    Eric Eric...my Eric

    The bad vampire with a heart of gold. Not just Sweden's hottest anymore, is he ?
    Apparently the hot genes are all over the family.
    The father - hot.
    The brothers - hot.
    Must get one of these. At least one can be sure of the hot genes.
    Very important.
    And those eyes...
    Killer eyes.

    Jake Gyllenhaal

    Yeah yeah I know Reese and all that.
    But lets forget about her for a moment , shall we ?

    When did he get hot ?
    He used to be a boy ....and I'm not one for boys.
    Suddenly Prince Of Persia filming begins and my man here is bulging out of his body and getting hotter than earth on a good hot Texan summer day !

    Somebody please remind me - which way to the gym , again ?

    Jon Hamm

    If all else fails , I know I 'll have Jon Hamm.
    He will be there.
    I know, I can tell.

    Shah Rukh Khan

    One of Bollywood's smartest men.
    He's got the looks, no doubt. But what makes me go all weak in my knees for him is his charm.
    When he looks into the camera, it feels like his eyes are for you and no one else. And for that one moment every Indian girl / Bollywood loving girl gives a part of her heart to him.
    I swear, we do.
    We all have a millimeter of our hearts missing.
    Now you know where it is...

    Jeffrey Dean Morgan

    Yeah, if you're Spanish you probably call him Javier Bardam .
    I like - The All American Sweetheart.
    When it comes to men, Izzy (Grey's Anatomy) and I are more alike than you might think.
    There is no way one cannot fall completely utterly absolutely in love with this scruffy, big man.
    No way.
    No freakin way.

    The Voltaggio Brothers

    You following Top Chef ?
    You should man.
    Eye candy comes in various forms on various shows.
    Just not in real life.
    These two brothers - Michael (left) and Bryan (right) are super hot chefs on this season's - Top Chef. Michael is the arrogant, prude, dedicated, excellent chef. Bryan is the big brother, loving, caring, serious, dedicated , excellent chef.

    I have a big thing for Michael.
    But I almost feel guilty about it. One should really like the sweet fella right ?

    Now its for you to figure out and tell me what is a common streak among these men. I swear I didn't know until yesterday. They are men - I LOVE. And they have something in common. Its not a make or break deal...but I just didn't know it !

    It starts with a D and ends with le. That's all I'm gonna tell. No more.
    I'm in love with D blank blank blank L E.

    Whoz taken your heart away ? Lets Analyze it. I'm sure we'll see a common streak in your list too...

    Indian Girl

One Simple Hair Style, Done Four Ways : The Snake Braid / The Curly Braid

    Time for another round of simple hairstyle. Its not much , but its something and I really like doing it ! I don't know what this style of braid is called but I call it The Snake Braid or The Curly Braid.

    Method :

    Take the desired bunch of hair. Divide it into three sections and do a regular braid. At the end of the braid hold the middle section with your thumb and index finger. Now move this section upwards. Just push it all the way up and you'll see the rest of the braid starting to bunch up. Its real cute. Then you can push it down and space it. Use a rubber band at the bottom to secure the braid .

    Now that you've got the snake on your head. We can style it four different ways.

    Leave it out just the way it is.

    Or tuck it back at the nape of your neck and bring the rest of your hair over it.

    Tuck it into a side pony - I love this !

    Or tuck it into a side pony and then turn it into a side bun. This looks very dressy and fun.

    If you're up for it you can add ribbons or flowers. I have absolutely zero hair accessories at home. Also use a clear hair tie not the humongous one like I did. Like I said - zero hair accessories. Also also, I'm sure y'all will brush your hair before attempting this and not do it out of the blue on frizzy all over my face hair - like I did.

    Did you like this one ? Send me a pic of you do happen to try it !

    Indian Girl

Five "because its cold outside" Beauty Rituals

    Its gotten cold out here.

    Nail biting cold.

    Bitten nail hurts ten time more cold.

    Don't you dare put the office chair on your toe nail cold.

    I did and it hurt like hell cold.

    You see where I'm getting it ...?

    Pain apart I love it all. This is the Lord answering my prayer - Please let Fall come in early this year which later turns into Please let summer never get here. But we have a few months before I have to bring that one out.

    Here are five of my simple beauty rituals that I love doing during Fall and you will too. You know how they say there is a time and place for everything. Well this is the time and place for these five things.

    1. Slather Lotion On Your Feet And Wear Cotton Socks Over It.

    2. Bring Out The Bath Bombs & Salts - Indulge In A Long Hot Bath.

    3. Lose The Hair Tie And Let Your Tresses Do Their Thang.

    4. Skip The Lip Gloss. It Is A Mere Model Of The Original - The Lipstick.

    5. Reach For The Romantic Oil Fragrances And Dab Them On Your Pulse Points.

    What are your five "because its cold outside" beauty rituals ?

    I am looking for at least five more, which will then be made into - Five More "because its cold outside" beauty rituals list.

    Tell Away !

    Indian Girl

And The Best Makeup Award Goes To - Neha Dhupia

    Neha Dhupia is a very popular Bollywood actress.

    Now that y'all know who she is, lets talk what we love about her - The Makeup, ofcourse.

    She changes her look often, uses color and does it all too well !! The girl has fun with makeup ! And we on AIMB love girls who have fun with makeup !

    Lets see...

    The pinks - nailed it !

    The peachy corals - couldn't get any better.

    The I need a better pic look - very glamorous.
    Love the hair.
    God, the hair !
    And the nails.
    God, the nails !

    The sexy everyday nudes - uh hello gorgeousness .
    The hair is bit oily but that's another story for another time.

    I'd like an interview arranged with Neha now, please. I'd like to hang with the girl and check out her makeup cases. Now, do we have anybody out there who can arrange this for me ?

    Hello ?


    Indian Girl

Two Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Blackheads, Completely.

    Listen up listen up. So, a couple of weeks back your girl here was down with a terrible case of blocked nose. I couldn't breathe, couldn't sleep and had a constant case of the puffy. So I took my momma's advice and gave myself a steaming session. Inhaling steam saved me from all the pain that comes with the blockage high up and gave me a clear, blackhead free nose !!!

    A facial is almost always accompanied by a steaming session. But really we don't need no fancy steam generators. All we need is a pot, water and a blanket.

    Boil 6 cups of water in a pot - not to a full boil , a semi boil is enough. Place the pot on a mat the floor. Kneel down above it , bend, huddle into the blanket and here comes the fun part...

    Breathe in...
    Breathe out...
    Breathe in...
    Breathe out...
    Breathe in...
    Breathe out...

    Oh wait we are talking blackheads not blockage, right.

    Its still the same process. I almost had you there didn't I !

    Breathe in...
    Breathe out...

    After a good 6-8 minutes , when you can handle no more breathing under the tent and the water has gone cold. Get out and run to the bathroom.

    Don't walk or your pores will close and this method will not work on closed pores. Don't blame me later.

    Run. Grab a blackhead removing strip and place it on your nose. Your nose is already wet on the surface from the steam condensation.

    I know my science, okay.

    After 10 minutes , pull the strip out and you'll notice a nose clearer than January Jones's.

    If you don't have a pot, water or this thing called time go for a warming mask. Lots of clay masks have this warming property. I like the Biore Warming Anti Blackhead Cleanser ($6.99). This one warms up the second it touches the water on your skin and its anti blackhead. Hates them just as much as you do. Apply it all over your face , concentrating on the nose.

    It is the matters of the nose that we have congregated here for.

    Wash it off after one hot minute with warm - tolerably hot water. Again immediately grab a blackhead removing step and continue with process same as above.

    I prefer the steaming method because its not just the nose but my face that gets a boost from it.

    Try it. Its so much fun to huddle up and so much more fun to be blackhead free.

    Take that January Jones.

    Indian Girl
    PS : I know you girls know all this, but something tells me I should put this in - Be careful with the hot water and steam. Keep your face at least 15 - 20 inches away from the surface of hot water. Again, I know my science , okay. Hot water is like ..hot. Really. Pinky swear.

Mega Smokey Eyes

    Two mega smokey eye look. I will attempt the Scar Jo look soon. But otherwise they are nice inspiration looks to try ! I love the bright blue vs the dark blue look on Taylor.

    If you attempt any of these looks do send in a pic !

    Indian Girl

I Go Weak In My Knees & Curl My Toes. Help ! I've Been Bit By The Pink Bug

    Hiya ladies !

    Can you believe its Wednesday already ! Feels like just yesterday I had my Harry Potter Marathon. That apart yesterday was bad, epic bad for me. I couldn't wait for the day to end and when it did I was left wondering - where did the day go ?

    I can only hope your week has been better. You can tell mine is bad when you don't see me post anything the whole day. I always have something to talk, either about my bestie's love for Jergens or my other bestie's one and a half year old son, Aaron shouting - ball ball when he sees cantaloupes at the market. Hilarious !

    Today I have a story about my infatuation with pink blushes.

    In the summer I couldn't bear the thought of a pink / mauve / plum blush and now I don't look at my corals / apricots which was all I used this past summer. I've always loved Fall / Winter. I love everything about it - most of all the holidays ! To wear my cute hat, gloves , coat & to top it off with pink blush mimicking the redness on my cheeks from the cold - love love love !

    Three gorgeous pinks that have me going weak in the knees are
    LORAC Matte Satin Blush - Velvet Rope
    NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder - Plum Passion
    NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder - Pink Berry

    The LORAC Matte Satin Blush in Velvet Rope is a gorgeous, one of a kind, universally flattering rose pink. Its a matte satin ! A matte with a satin finish. Not a boring powdery dry matte one. You can catch a swatch of it here.

    Of the two NYC blushes I've had Pink Berry ($4.99) for a while now and wrote about it earlier too. Pink Berry is a delicate pink with a highlighter like finish. Nothing chunky or glittery about it - just a bit of a shine fro the tiny blocks of taupe colored highlighter among the mosaic of delicate pinks. I love pairing this with red / berry / wine shades of lipstick. Though everything else in between works well too !

    Read more on Pink Berry here

    The other NYC blush - Plum Passion ($4.99) was recently introduced along with NYC's Scarlet Collection. Now this a true deep pink in my opinion. It has satin finish and gives you a strong pink flush of color. Love the depth of pink in the blush. I love pairing this blush with nude lipsticks for a flirty, sweet look.

    The quality of these blushes are great for the price ! And they are readily available at most drugstores. Have you tried the Mosaic Blushes from NYC ?

    Indian Girl

Reader Contribution : Sunitha's Get Even Skin Tone Routine

    After reading the post on Frieda Pinto ('s chin) lovely reader & fellow beauty junkie Sunitha wrote to me with her remedy for it ! Sunitha had a somewhat similar issue with her whole face being about 2-3 shades darker than the neck. She started this routine about 3-4 months ago and has seen a lot of improvement.

    In Sunitha's words " am happy to say that my face now looks like it belongs on my body."

    This is what Sunitha's program. A big thank you to Sunitha for sharing this with us. I am sure many of us will benefit from this.

    " Skin Type : normal/combination

    AM : Wash face with Pears or Margo soap
    Rose water as toner
    Fragrance free moisturizer + sunblock

    PM : Wash face with Pears or Margo soap
    Rose water as toner
    Bliss peeling groovy serum
    Organic rose hip oil /organic aloe vera ( I alternate every other night between them and I buy Aubrey Organics brand from whole foods)

    First and foremost I switched to fragrance free skincare. Fragrance can react for some people with UV rays to cause hyper pigmentation.

    Switching to fragrance free was the biggest help for me but the other two products that helped me are the Bliss serum and the rose hip oil which seems to be a key ingredient in many moisturizers and anti aging products. "

    Indian Girl

Another Real Simple Hair Style

    Nothing fancy but looks very pretty. Almost Grecian - Goddess-y.

    All I did was to take two bunches of hair on either sides of my head , roll it, twist it and pin it at the back laying one on top of the other. I like taking the strips of hair about a couple of inches above the ear. Give the effect of a tiny ... For the life of me I cant remember the word. Helps me out here - its a head band only it goes all the way around and looks so pretty made of wild flowers. hate it when this happens - whats the word !!!

    Almost like a hair wreath.

    Very romantic.

    Tell me you like this post and I'll have up more simple silly stuff I do with my hair :)

    And an Oh so romantic song to go with it !

    Indian Girl

Two Easy Ways To Do The Cat Eye Look / Winged Eye Look

    We already have the technique part of the crazy popular cat eye look nailed. Its been archived in the history pages of this blog and can be found here along with steps on how to handle liquid eyeliner here

    Today lets talk about the wands you need to create the look. The wand that will take you to great heights.

    Well, as high as an eyeliner can go.

    And always remember - The wand chooses the witch.

    Witches & Wizards, I present to you the LORAC - Front Of The Line Pro Liquid Eyeliner Pen ($22) and Milani Eye Tech Liquid Eyeliner ($7).

    Both these eyeliners are designed like a pen so we can easily draw the line on our eyes. No more dipping in and out or having to deal with solidifying liquid eyeliners. These are the Nimbus 2000's of the Eyeliner world.

    Wait, isn't Nimbus the broom ?

    Sign I must stop with the Harry Potter references.

    Like I said, the wand chooses the witch.

    (There I go again ! Somebody stop me. Please !)

    This is a look where I used the LORAC - Front Of The Line Pro Liquid Eyeliner Pen in Dark brown. For day time and for a look as dramatic as the cat eye, I prefer using brown over black. It balances out the drama and doesn't look out of place.

    Or something like that.

    The LORAC pen has a very very thin brush tip. The brush glides over your skin and leaves a line as thin as you want. Of course we can go over and thicken it, if needed. The staying power is brilliant. It wore well for at least 10 hours and will stay on longer if I didn't wash it off.

    The Milani Eyetech eyeliner on the other hand has a felt tip. The pen gives out highly pigmented deep black intense color. Unlike many other liquid eyeliners the color remains just as intense throughout the day without any cracking or peeling. It wears very well, just as well as the Milani Infinite Liquid Eyeliner as long as no water touches it. though its said to be waterproof - it comes off the moment water touches it.

    One question I always get asked is " can you recommend a really really black eyeliner that stays put". This is it . Its intense and long wearing and cheap !

    Personally I prefer the brush tip over the felt tip. Since my eyes are a bit on the smaller side, I like to keep the eyeliner very thin. And over time with practice my hands have turned pretty steady and I love painting my eyes with a thin brush. But if you have an unsteady hand or an issue with lines going wonky - the felt is recommended.

    So, there you have it two wands to create the perfect cat eye look.

    The question begs to be asked : Which wand chose you ?

    In Other News ...

    How was the weekend y'all ? Mine was mystical, magical, filled with wands and brooms and witches and wizards and fun schools. I saw the first three Harry Potter movies !! They are pretty good !

    Yup, never seen any before. I am cool like that. I stay away from trending topics.

    And then I have nothing to talk about.

    And then eight years later I catch up on all of it.

    By then its not the trending topic anymore. But I'm gonna make it one now.

    Tell me, you like Harry Potter ? You read the books ? Seen the movies ?

    Indian Girl

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