Nudey Nude Nude Lips

    I love this retro look that Kim Kardashian did a while back. I've got the winged eye down but I have since forever been looking for a nudey nude nude lip color that didn't look out of place on my tanned skin and pigmented lips.

    And then I saw Mila Kunis do it too. She looks gorgeous, doesn't she !

    And I just had to find my barely there nudey nude shade. You know I even tried the foundation / concealer on lips thingy. You can see how that turned out here.

    Not good.

    After a really long time I finally have found the one for me ! Check it out !

    Its called Nude Scene by LORAC - A sheer flesh toned lipstick. I apply a couple of coats of it on my lips then purse them together with a paper towel in between - Hello Natural Flesh Toned Lips ! One thing to remember - use this on a day when your lips are not one bit dry or cracked. The color will only exaggerate the dryness of broken lips.

    Also, for this picture I did not use a nude lip liner ( Milani - Natural) but I generally do use one when I wear this lipstick. Its especially helpful if you have lips that are darker along the outer corners.

    Do you have a nude nudey nude color you love ?

    Speaking of LORAC look who was spotted carrying a bag of LORAC goodies outta their store - Rachel Bilson ! I love Rachel Bilson - super cute adorable girl ! I wonder what she got...

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