Five "because its cold outside" Beauty Rituals

    Its gotten cold out here.

    Nail biting cold.

    Bitten nail hurts ten time more cold.

    Don't you dare put the office chair on your toe nail cold.

    I did and it hurt like hell cold.

    You see where I'm getting it ...?

    Pain apart I love it all. This is the Lord answering my prayer - Please let Fall come in early this year which later turns into Please let summer never get here. But we have a few months before I have to bring that one out.

    Here are five of my simple beauty rituals that I love doing during Fall and you will too. You know how they say there is a time and place for everything. Well this is the time and place for these five things.

    1. Slather Lotion On Your Feet And Wear Cotton Socks Over It.

    2. Bring Out The Bath Bombs & Salts - Indulge In A Long Hot Bath.

    3. Lose The Hair Tie And Let Your Tresses Do Their Thang.

    4. Skip The Lip Gloss. It Is A Mere Model Of The Original - The Lipstick.

    5. Reach For The Romantic Oil Fragrances And Dab Them On Your Pulse Points.

    What are your five "because its cold outside" beauty rituals ?

    I am looking for at least five more, which will then be made into - Five More "because its cold outside" beauty rituals list.

    Tell Away !

    Indian Girl

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