The Perfect Red Lip Color For Halloween

    Almost any and every outfit you wear this Halloween will need a red color.

    Especially if its a cute n sexy one.

    Or a bloody and scary one.

    A dead and vampy one.

    A sultry and smokin hot one.

    Or a clown ( please don't go as a clown. I have he biggest fear of clowns. They scare the s#!t outta me. )

    Like I said. Almost.
    Almost everything requires a red lip color.

    And the only red you'll need is this one. I have tested in every single night in the privacy of my home through out last week. And in the privacy of my home through out this past weekend - day and night.

    I did not have my morning cup of coffee with out it. I had it on all the time.

    Its the N.Y.C Smooch Proof Long Wearing Lip Color in Red Stiletto .

    AKA just the sexiest red in the world of makeup.

    I know my red. I have a lot of reds. But none like this one. I have never been this obsessed with a color that it made me a terribly vain person. It is the most alluring red of all - a perfect true blood red.

    And when they say smooch proof - they mean smooch proof. Oh get our mind outta the gutter. The only smoochin I've been doin is sipping from my coffee cup. It certainly was weird not seeing the lipstick circle. I ate my lunch, drank my soup, ate my dinner and did lotsa late night snacking but there was no change in the lip color. The shine you get from the top coat might have vanished but the color remained for ever and ever.

    Isn't that what we want for Halloween. A color that stays put strong throughout the night of partying ?

    And it costs only $3.

    And it does not dry your lips out the next day.

    As for me - its my personal makeup goal to get out of my house wearing this color. The day I accomplish it I'll throw a party and you're all invited !

    Indian Girl

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