Eye Shadow Teaser

    So, the girl has been addicted to this eyeshadow for a week now. And when I say addicted I mean


    The dotted business should clarify the seriousness of this subject.

    This eyeshadow came with a bunch of other things in a tiny faux croc bag/clutch. Its everything I need for a complete look ( other than foundation / concealer). The brand call themselves - The Red Carpet Authority *wink wink*

    This eyeshadow is one of THE BEST eyeshadow I have and I have quite a few. Also notice the sharp eyeliner wing - easy peesy and so breezy ! All from the same brand . I'll tell more when I write a review but for now enjoy the teaser.

    I was having a very good skin day so I went overboard and boldly decided to drop the concealer ! A decision I later slightly regretted under the lights at Nordstrom. But then I laid my eyes on something shiny and glossy - and all was forgotten !

    Indian Girl

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