Two Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Blackheads, Completely.

    Listen up listen up. So, a couple of weeks back your girl here was down with a terrible case of blocked nose. I couldn't breathe, couldn't sleep and had a constant case of the puffy. So I took my momma's advice and gave myself a steaming session. Inhaling steam saved me from all the pain that comes with the blockage high up and gave me a clear, blackhead free nose !!!

    A facial is almost always accompanied by a steaming session. But really we don't need no fancy steam generators. All we need is a pot, water and a blanket.

    Boil 6 cups of water in a pot - not to a full boil , a semi boil is enough. Place the pot on a mat the floor. Kneel down above it , bend, huddle into the blanket and here comes the fun part...

    Breathe in...
    Breathe out...
    Breathe in...
    Breathe out...
    Breathe in...
    Breathe out...

    Oh wait we are talking blackheads not blockage, right.

    Its still the same process. I almost had you there didn't I !

    Breathe in...
    Breathe out...

    After a good 6-8 minutes , when you can handle no more breathing under the tent and the water has gone cold. Get out and run to the bathroom.

    Don't walk or your pores will close and this method will not work on closed pores. Don't blame me later.

    Run. Grab a blackhead removing strip and place it on your nose. Your nose is already wet on the surface from the steam condensation.

    I know my science, okay.

    After 10 minutes , pull the strip out and you'll notice a nose clearer than January Jones's.

    If you don't have a pot, water or this thing called time go for a warming mask. Lots of clay masks have this warming property. I like the Biore Warming Anti Blackhead Cleanser ($6.99). This one warms up the second it touches the water on your skin and its anti blackhead. Hates them just as much as you do. Apply it all over your face , concentrating on the nose.

    It is the matters of the nose that we have congregated here for.

    Wash it off after one hot minute with warm - tolerably hot water. Again immediately grab a blackhead removing step and continue with process same as above.

    I prefer the steaming method because its not just the nose but my face that gets a boost from it.

    Try it. Its so much fun to huddle up and so much more fun to be blackhead free.

    Take that January Jones.

    Indian Girl
    PS : I know you girls know all this, but something tells me I should put this in - Be careful with the hot water and steam. Keep your face at least 15 - 20 inches away from the surface of hot water. Again, I know my science , okay. Hot water is like Really. Pinky swear.

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