Bipasha Basu - Makeup Breakdown

    A makeup breakdown for Bipasha Basu ( a popular Bollywood actress) was requested by lovely reader - Josie. I generally don't do makeup breakdowns unless I really love the look / I think it can be easily executed in real life. And this is one such look. She has been doing a lot of peach/tangerine/apricot/ terracotta lately and cant say I have any complaints. It looks gorgeous on her as it will on anybody else !

    Lets see...

    Eyes : very well defined brows , false lashes, brown/ black eye liner smudged around the upper and lower lash line. Probably a champagne shade washed all over the lid.

    Lipstick - There are two ways to achieve that kinda lip color. Either go for a rose brown shade and top it off with a peach li gloss. My recommendation Smashbox - Exquisite - a gorgeous rose brown with Julie Hewett Lip Lush gloss in Chloe a pretty tangerine / peach.

    Or go for a terracotta shade and top it off with clear gloss. My recommendation for this would be the Estee Lauder Signature Lip Color in Terracotta.

    Cheeks - A matte peachy blush like Smashbox Reign Fushion Blush for medium skintones. For deeper skin tones I'd go for deeper terracotta/ apricot shade like Almay Powder Blush - Spice. If you don't mind a little shimmer try NYX terracotta (gorgeous!)

    If you catch any other celebrities with super awesome makeup, do send over a pipc. I'll try my best to do a makeup breakdown !

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