Lets start Monday with loads of eye candy pictures and girl talk, shall we ?
    Haha ! I knew you'd be game for it !

    Been wondering where all the cute guys went ? I'll tell you where they went .
    Took up and ran off to Hollywood. That's where they went. Now all I can do is get my dose of eye candy on TV.

    Too bad...coz nothing beats the real deal , you know.

    Not like that should stop us...
    Or will...

    Alexandar Skarsgard

    Eric Eric

    The bad vampire with a heart of gold. Not just Sweden's hottest anymore, is he ?
    Apparently the hot genes are all over the family.
    The father - hot.
    The brothers - hot.
    Must get one of these. At least one can be sure of the hot genes.
    Very important.
    And those eyes...
    Killer eyes.

    Jake Gyllenhaal

    Yeah yeah I know Reese and all that.
    But lets forget about her for a moment , shall we ?

    When did he get hot ?
    He used to be a boy ....and I'm not one for boys.
    Suddenly Prince Of Persia filming begins and my man here is bulging out of his body and getting hotter than earth on a good hot Texan summer day !

    Somebody please remind me - which way to the gym , again ?

    Jon Hamm

    If all else fails , I know I 'll have Jon Hamm.
    He will be there.
    I know, I can tell.

    Shah Rukh Khan

    One of Bollywood's smartest men.
    He's got the looks, no doubt. But what makes me go all weak in my knees for him is his charm.
    When he looks into the camera, it feels like his eyes are for you and no one else. And for that one moment every Indian girl / Bollywood loving girl gives a part of her heart to him.
    I swear, we do.
    We all have a millimeter of our hearts missing.
    Now you know where it is...

    Jeffrey Dean Morgan

    Yeah, if you're Spanish you probably call him Javier Bardam .
    I like - The All American Sweetheart.
    When it comes to men, Izzy (Grey's Anatomy) and I are more alike than you might think.
    There is no way one cannot fall completely utterly absolutely in love with this scruffy, big man.
    No way.
    No freakin way.

    The Voltaggio Brothers

    You following Top Chef ?
    You should man.
    Eye candy comes in various forms on various shows.
    Just not in real life.
    These two brothers - Michael (left) and Bryan (right) are super hot chefs on this season's - Top Chef. Michael is the arrogant, prude, dedicated, excellent chef. Bryan is the big brother, loving, caring, serious, dedicated , excellent chef.

    I have a big thing for Michael.
    But I almost feel guilty about it. One should really like the sweet fella right ?

    Now its for you to figure out and tell me what is a common streak among these men. I swear I didn't know until yesterday. They are men - I LOVE. And they have something in common. Its not a make or break deal...but I just didn't know it !

    It starts with a D and ends with le. That's all I'm gonna tell. No more.
    I'm in love with D blank blank blank L E.

    Whoz taken your heart away ? Lets Analyze it. I'm sure we'll see a common streak in your list too...

    Indian Girl

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