Nude Lip Colors For Everybody And For All Occasions

    How would you describe a nude lip color ?

    To me there are just different types of nudes...

    Pinky Nudes
    Mauve Nudes
    Peachy Nudes
    Flesh Toned Nudes
    Beige Nudes
    Everyday Nudes
    Nudes To Go With Smokey Eyes

    And several more. Each one of us have our own definitions / expectations from a nude lip color.

    Last Fall I was all about berry / wine / red lipstick but this fall I have been a slave to the nudes.

    If you plan on going nude this Fall and you have some cash to spare, you should make your first stop at Smashbox. I think I am just going to go ahead called them The Nude Lip Color Authority.

    Thank You, Mallika Sherawat

    Before I continue I have a speech to make - I would like to thank Mallika Sherawat for telling me that she was wearing a nude lip color from Smashbox at this event. That was what got me ransacking the Smashbox website looking for every nude they made. And that is I how I came across these beauties. So, thank you Mallika. And for those of you wondering if I managed to find out which color she had on - what do you think ;)

    By Lip Color I Mean Lip Color Pencils

    The Smashbox Double Take Lip Pencils in particular come in some the most gorgeous wearable nude shades. All the pencils have two ends - one side is the lip color and the other side is the lip liner. However the liner is just as much a lip color as anything else. So essentially its two colors in one fat lip pencil. They have an almost matte finish and are packed with color. Though my lips are pigmented I've never had any issue with the color not showing up or looking weird on me.

    Wearable, Very Much So

    The biggest reason to fall in love with these is that - They are wearable nudes.

    Not so nude-y that I look like a p#@n star ...
    or so beige that I look like a corpse...
    or so yellow that it looks completely artificial and out of place on any face.

    They have a healthy amount of pink / brown to it make them look natural yet pigmented enough to show up !


    (left - lip liner, right- lip color)

    Praline - Beige nude ( best on light - light/medium skin tones)
    Sugar Spice - Rose Brown Nude ( Great on Light/medium - medium /dark and deeper skin tones)
    Amaretto - Peachy Nude ( Works well with Medium / tanned skin)

    Of course the skin tone recommendation is what I think. Its all again depends on what you are looking for in a nude lip color, level of lip pigmentation, la-de-da-de-da...

    But like I said they are slightly expensive. At $22 you get 0.145 oz / 4.11g of the product. This seems expensive when compared to a MAC lipstick which retails for $14 and you get 0.10 oz / 3g of the product. But then again you have two shades in one pencil.

    What is your favorite Nude Lip Color ? Are you going nude this fall ? ( You know what I mean)

    Indian Girl

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