One Simple Hair Style, Done Four Ways : The Snake Braid / The Curly Braid

    Time for another round of simple hairstyle. Its not much , but its something and I really like doing it ! I don't know what this style of braid is called but I call it The Snake Braid or The Curly Braid.

    Method :

    Take the desired bunch of hair. Divide it into three sections and do a regular braid. At the end of the braid hold the middle section with your thumb and index finger. Now move this section upwards. Just push it all the way up and you'll see the rest of the braid starting to bunch up. Its real cute. Then you can push it down and space it. Use a rubber band at the bottom to secure the braid .

    Now that you've got the snake on your head. We can style it four different ways.

    Leave it out just the way it is.

    Or tuck it back at the nape of your neck and bring the rest of your hair over it.

    Tuck it into a side pony - I love this !

    Or tuck it into a side pony and then turn it into a side bun. This looks very dressy and fun.

    If you're up for it you can add ribbons or flowers. I have absolutely zero hair accessories at home. Also use a clear hair tie not the humongous one like I did. Like I said - zero hair accessories. Also also, I'm sure y'all will brush your hair before attempting this and not do it out of the blue on frizzy all over my face hair - like I did.

    Did you like this one ? Send me a pic of you do happen to try it !

    Indian Girl

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