Beauty And Yogurt

    Or should it be Beauty By Yogurt ?

    Beauty From?

    Beauty In?

    All of the above?

    That’s about it – its all around beauty with this readily available product. And here goes the story I've shared with Vogue India this week.

    If there ever was one routine I followed with respect to beauty – it has got to be this early morning yogurt therapy that I’ve been into for the past six weeks. If you are a beauty addict you know how hard it is to stick with one product when a million others are calling out to you from every direction. But I was / am on a natural mission and that has made things easier. After neem I went straight for yogurt. Creamy, fatty, delicious home made yogurt applied generously over my face and neck every single day at dawn.

    Four weeks later the results started appearing in the form of radiant, clean, soft, supple and super taut skin. The word glow is overused in cosmetics – but this time I glowed from within. However, the most magnificent effect was on my pores. I don’t think I remember what they are and hopefully won’t have to. The exceptional moisture from the fat in yogurt has an astounding effect in the quality of your skin. And according to mom – yogurt helps suck the heat out of your skin hence regulating its temperature.

    I have been using plain natural yogurt – with culture. And, I have word of caution for you on it. The first couple of times you might feel your face reddening but eventually it stops. There is no burn or itch just the good bacteria in yogurt doing its part and destroying bad, alien bacteria that can cause acne.

    Start out on your yogurt therapy now and in four weeks you’ll throw out your deep moisturizers, serums, face primers and anything else promising soft, supple, taut skin for $$$. Trust me on this one, will ya !

    Indian Girl

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