Avon Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact Lipstick SPF 15 : Review & Swatches

    The Good

    - SPF 15
    - Buttery Texture
    - Very moisturizing
    - Rich Colors
    - Not expensive at $8 (are often on sale for $5)
    - The bullet shape makes for precise application.

    The Not So Good

    Chunky Glitter pieces - I love me some shimmer sometimes, but gritty glitter is a whole another thing. The glitter also escapes the lips in less than 30 minutes of application so the lower face of your face is studded with sparkles. Much like Lady Gaga's spike studded Hermes Birkin.

    It almost pains me to reject these coz they have so many good things about them...

    Indian Girl

    This article contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR. For more details on the disclosure policy please refer to it at the bottom of the page.

What Went Wrong ?

    My guess...the waxing / threading / laser lady/guy got a little too carried away. She moved the natural hairline on Sush's forehead a few too many inches up, totally got rid of any semblance of a lady like side burn to give a CLEAN no hair look. Literally like someone took a sharpie and marked out a semi circle. A little something like what happened to Sonali.

    I hate facial hair .
    No, I really do hate facial hair....
    I am always sitting with a hand mirror and tweezer in my hand.
    But I wont be visiting Sush's hair technician any time soon...coz I aint nothing like Sushmita Sen. She looks gorgeous even after that disaster. I would have to go into hiding...

    Indian Girl

The Best Eye Brow Shade For Brown Girls !

    Julie Hewett Eyeshadow - Vita.

    It does not get better than this. The shadow is not sold as a brow color, it is sold as an eyeshadow. But lemme tell you, it is the one I swear by. I've been using this shade since almost the beginning of this year and have never had a bad brow day.


    I actually picked the shade myself and made my own brow kit with Julie Hewett's Custom Palettes. I took the two pan palette ($8) added Vita ($10) - a matte plum brown brow shade and Silk ($10) - a pearly white-beige highlight shade. These two together make for gorgeous Kim Kardashian like perfect brows !

    It only makes sense I tell you about this now so you can get it at a 40% off discount, if you were looking for a great brow shade !

    ...............................What is your favorite brow gadget ?

    In Other News

    It does not get more adorable than this. A nonstop Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.......


    Indian Girl

Julie Hewett 40% Discount

    Indian Girl

Beauty Fix - I Tried It ! You Should Too For $19.99 !!

    What Is Beauty fix ?

    "Finding the right beauty products can be just as hard as finding Mr. Right. Beautyfix.com is an exclusive beauty club dedicated to matching you with the perfect products. Each season, a panel of beauty experts separates the winners from the losers and then suggests the best product matches based on your profile. Your product matches will be divided into 2 categories: Must-Haves and Panel Faves. Must-Haves are products the panel has picked specifically for you. Panel Faves are more of the panelists' favorites that you pick yourself! You'll never cry over a broken beauty heart again. "

    No really What Is it ?

    A place where you get to try 8 beauty products from a preselected bunch of products for a fixed price of $49.99. Free Shipping ! The products are preselected by a panel of beauty experts. The range includes everything from Skincare, Hair care, Nails, Makeup.

    How Do You Go About It ?

    First you register and give your credit card details. Then you answer a few questions on your skin, hair type. Based on your answers products are suggested. From this bunch of products , you select eight that you really really need. All the products are full size. They might also add a free product ( could be trial size) and then ship it free of cost !

    What Did I Get ?

    Exuviance Rejuvenating Treatment Masque (2.5oz.) - face care
    3 Lab Perfect Cleansing Foam (3.4oz.) - face care
    Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray (4.0oz) - makeup
    Jonathan IB Revitalizer (3.8oz.) - hair care
    Tricia Sawyer Smoke and Mirrors (0.09oz.) - makeup
    Raw Minerals Eye Shadow Trio - Sahara (3piece) - makeup
    Beautyfix Flat Makeup Bag Duo (2piece) - the free product
    Headband - Turquoise (1piece) - hair
    IQ Derma Glacial Hydrating Mask (1.7fl oz.) - face care

    You'll see I picked up a good mix of face care products, hair and makeup. They have reviews on the site, make sure you read em before you select your products. Will help

    I Think ...

    I think its a good deal if we can get eight products for $49.99. Roughly it comes up to $6.25 per product. I like that we get to try some quality products and they come in good sizes. Even at the drugstore we'd pay at least $6 for a product and sometimes an exorbitant amount like $13 (4.0oz) for a drugstore facial moisturizer. When compared to that it is comforting that these eight products will cost only $49.99 + free shipping.

    Though the selection is wide, you still have a limited set of products to choose from. So that's something to think about. That being said I'll give you the code for trying this out at $19.99. Eight products for $19.99 - now that's a great deal ! Its a $30 discount !

    When you try it out, holla back ! We can discuss what we loved !

    Discount Code

    Use the discount code BFIX1 during checkout to try the Beauty Fix Spring 2010 products for $19.99 plus free shipping !

    Indian Girl

Smashbox Friends & Family Sale

    What are you gonna get ???

    Indian Girl

Bobbi Brown - Bobbi's Beach Club Collection June 2010 : Preview

    “I’m always inspired by how happy and healthy people look on the beach. Nothing says summer to me like pretty, glowing skin and shimmering lids.” – Bobbi Brown

    Beach Shimmer Brick, Limited Edition ($38.00)
    Hand-made in Italy, Bobbi’s new Beach Shimmer Brick compact features five bars of warm, pearlized shimmer to create a beautiful seaside glow. Run the Face Blender Brush across all five shades and lightly dust over cheeks and forehead, or wear just one shade on your eyes for subtle glimmer.

    Metallic Long-Wear Cream Shadows, New ($22.00)
    Our award-winning formula now available in glistening pastels from ocean blue to oyster pink. For a sheer effect, blend on lids with your fingers. For a more dramatic look, add another layer or wear on top of your favorite shadow for soft shimmer. Stays color-true and crease-free all day. New shades include: Moonstone, Opal, Surf and Pink Oyster.

    Shore Long-Wear Cream Shadow, New ($22.00)
    A soft matte beige perfect for a look that’s just one notch up from natural, Shore Long-Wear Cream Shadow will stay color-true and crease-free all day.

    Clear Treatment Lip Shine SPF 15, New ($22.00)
    A lightweight, soft shine lipstick that doubles as a rejuvenating treatment, Treatment Lip Shine SPF 15 instantly comforts dry, chapped lips and provides long-term moisturization with natural Cocoa and Shea Butters, Jojoba, Apricot Kernel and Avocado Oils. Peptides, along with Vitamin C and Paracress, stimulate collagen production to reduce fine lines and wrinkles while SPF 15 helps prevent sun damage.

    Indian Girl

Kérastase Our Treat Event

    Kérastase is hosting their 2nd Annual OUR TREAT EVENT on May 26th (in the EASTERN half of the US) and on June 23rd (in the WESTERN half of the US) where participating Kérastase Consultant salons will open their doors and offer COMPLIMENTARY KERASTASE TREATMENT RITUALS AND BLOW OUTS - valued at $100!

    Additionally, Kérastase has also partnered with Locks of Love and will encourage guests who receive treatments to donate $10 to the cause. In 2009, nearly 700 salons participated and nearly 13,000 complimentary Kérastase rituals were performed on clients who attended the event !

    Indian Girl

Celebrity Makeup Inspirations

    Gold with blue ? Would you do it ?

    I understand she was trying to match it with her dress but I'm not feeling it. A darker blue , may be.

    Look at that shimmery wine fuchsia lip gloss on Selita Ebanks ! I've always said this is one of the most gorgeous shades on brown girls. For a similar look try Thevi lipstick in Drama ($7.50) - they are on super sale now ! Top it off with a shimmery clear gloss !

    Kim Kardashian does the nude eyeliner a lot and it always looks flawless. But this one time....something is wrong. It looks really really weird.

    Guess this model ...

    Gisele doing the heavy crease look. I could never do this. May be I will just to play with makeup but I wouldn't step out of my door with this look. I am no Gisele.

    Ashley Greene - oh so beautiful ! I wish I could get my hair by the person who styled her here. And that khaki golden green shadow - can never go wrong with it.

    How super pretty is Lala Vasquez ! Gosh I wish I had those big beautiful eyes. I have no idea if its black or green on her eyes - but what ever it is ...its to die for !

    Which was your favorite celebrity look ?

    Indian Girl

Soft Subtle SFW Makeup Looks

    This is a series of looks that are ultra soft and subtle. Totally SFW (Safe For Work) ! Almost all products I've used are from Smashbox - just to keep it uniform. Each step can be a complete look in itself - just remember to add lots of mascara. I've shown them without mascara coz if I added it you wouldn't be able to see the colors on my tiny lids. And I am all about showing the colors on my tiny lids.

    For a change I've been having a good clean skin day. So, I've skipped foundation. I do have concealer around my eyes - Smashbox HD Concealer - medium.

    Step 1 : Apply Smashbox Lid Perfecting Shadow Primer - Naked Beauty.

    Love love love this primer. Its the most perfect shade of nude bronzy goodness for my skin tone. If you weren't impressed by Urban Decay primers, you might wanna check Naked Beauty out ! Brown girls will love this shade.

    Sometime this is all you need. A little brightness on your lids and mascara !

    Step 2 : But whenever I do Naked Beauty on my lids I am compelled to add a nude beige liner gently along lower lash line. Creates just the sweetest angelic effect ! This one is from a trio from long ago. A similar shade would be Topaz form the Smashbox Creme Liner Palette.

    Step 3 : Adding bronze liner along upper lash line is good especially if you have brown/ hazel or green eyes. Gorgeousness !

    Step 4 : Sometimes you wanna soften up the liner so you add a little brown shadow on top and smudge a bit. And just because I felt like it I added some peach shadow on the lid too.

    I used Smashbox Halo Hydrating Eyeshadow - Peach / Cocoa. I couldn't find these on the site. Are they discontinued ? No you're not missing out on anything. The packaging was / is a huge flaw.

    Step 5 : And then I just cannot resist pulling the shadow down to my lower lash line. So I line it softly...

    Step 6 : But then I revert back to my kajal addiction and draw a black line along my waterline. Blame it on my Indian culture.

    While I'm at it, I also added some brown shadow along the crease and outer corner.
    Somebody stop me.
    Now, please.

    Step 7 : I need bronzer. I go for Smashbox Halo Hydrating bronzer. Its magical ! Just like its sister Halo Hydrating Powder - silky and smooth. They are both magical.

    Step 8 : My favorite part - the lipstick ! If you have a light skin tone and wanna go for a nude beige lip look - I'd suggest Smashbox Double Take Lip Color Pencil - Praline.

    If you have a medium / dark skin tone try Smashbox Tip Tech - Maple. If it weren't so expensive I would have said - Brown girls *need* this. We really really do.

    So that's it for a totally subtle SFW look !

    If you thought this looked a lot like the Flirt look....lemme assure you its not. The are very different. Very. Very. You've got to trust me on this one. Okay.

    Indian Girl

Sally Hansen 12 Hour Diamond Lip Treatment : Review & Swatches

    The closest drugstore alternative to MAC lipglasses !

    I'm loving the color pay off from these Sally Hansen 12 Hour Diamond Lip Treatment lip glosses ! Look at them - So bright and full of color ! They are sticky and do feel a bit heavy but since they are long wear lip glosses that is to be expected. They have a faint scent but it vanishes almost immediately after applying. No taste. For $6 it doesn't get better than this !

    What is your favorite shade ?

    Tiara is a clear gloss with lots of golden shimmer. Perfect to top off any lipstick !

    Flawless is a bright peachy orange with pink shimmer. Very pretty summer shade on tanned / bronzed skin ! If you are looking to jump into coral - this should be your first step !

    Eternity is what I call the Jessica Alba lip gloss. Lots of shimmer and a rose brown base.

    Fancy is the least shimmery gloss and the most deep shade. Its a gorgeous rust - will look super pretty on dark skin tones.

    Indian Girl

Urban Decay Primer Potion - Original, Sin, Eden : Compare, Review & Swatches

    The UDPP family has grown to three members ! And with more choices comes the question - Which one should I get ?

    The purpose of the primer potion is to help eye shadows stay on longer without creasing. For the most part all three accomplish this. All three are silicone based which makes for a silky smooth finish. They differ in their shades & texture.

    The Original UDPP looks translucent and is almost invisible when it dries off. If you are doubtful about which one to get this would be the easiest choice. The invisible finish makes it the most versatile - great on any skin tone, for any time of the day, under any texture of eye shadow ( satin / matte / shimmer)

    The second release, Sin is a shimmery champagne version of the primer potion. It looks almost like Stila Kitten eyeshadow. So, if you are a fan of it you might like this shade. On most skin tones Sin can be used as an all over color on your eyes. Some might find it too shimmery for everyday / work. Sin also takes a teensy bit more time to dry compared to the original. It could be your favorite night look primer what with the shimmer and stuff !

    I used Sin as the base in this look - here. It is great under shimmery eye shadows.

    The newest release Eden is the matte version of the original. The color is a yellow beige. It looks exactly like MAC Paint Pot - Soft Ochre. If you have one, you needn't get the other. Eden dries just as fast as original. On my NC 40 skin tone its not something I can use as an all over color. For anyone with lighter yellow based skin tones it will work well as an all over color. The matte texture and the soft color makes it perfect for day time wear given you have the skin tone for it.I love using Eden under lighter color eye shadows - something about the yellow beige color makes softer colors pop.

    I used Eden as a base in the look - here. Its the only reason why the beige shadow showed up so well on my skin tone !

    I hope Urban Decay comes up with a darker version of Eden for brown girls world over. If they do then it would be my most favorite UDPP ever !

    So, there you go. Hope that makes your decision easier !

    Indian Girl

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