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Lily Twinkle

    Lily Twinkle

Drunk on Adam Levine

    Boy don't mind. I now belong to Adam Levine.

    And it goes like this. Take me by the tongue and I'll know you. Bad ass.


    Indian Girl

Makeup and Makeup Lessons From Vogue.in Party

    Mornin Ladies !

    How have you been ?

    I've been good. Work is great but can also get very stressful. We had Vogue.in's first anniversary party on Thursday and it was a blast. So not stuck-uppy. Everybody loosened up and got on the floor. Boss, big boss - everybody.

    And now its that time after a party when the pictures come back and you you find all those embarrassing drunk pics. Good Lord. Lets not go there.

    Here is a pic of mine from the party. I know, its first time sharing a full face pic. Cant say I am not nervous but Mumbai making me slightly more brave.


    Makeup Used:

    1. Smashbox Photo finish Primer

    2. Revlon Photo ready concealer

    3. Milani Brow Kit

    4. Sleek Palette - Dirty bronze color on lid.

    5. Lancome Artliner - black

    6. Carmindy for Sally Hansen Blush - Cherub

    7. Three Custom Colors Lipstick - Majorca

    8. Julie Hewett Lipstick - Belle Noir

    Lessons learned:

    1. If you are having a fairly good skin day - skip the foundation.

    2. If its a dim lit setting, go for a bright lipstick . It pops well in pictures especially when you are wearing something as boring as black.

    3. Revlon Photoready concealer is the bomb. It really is perfect for pictures.

    4. Blotting sheets are a must in your bag.

    5. A blow dry before a big party is totally worth it.

    6. So is a pedicure / manicure. I went with a soft almost wedding-y color - O.P.I - Kiss on the cheek.

    7. Go ahead , have fun even if its a work thing. No body is going to remember a thing the next day. Not even you will.

    Umm...If you like this. I'll have up more makeup break downs now on.


    Indian Girl

Indian Models Beauty Secrets

    I had a chance to chat up three very popular and gorgeous Indian models - Lakshmi Rana, Pia Trivedi and Alesia Raut. Just wanted to peep back in and tell you guys about it. I am always surprised when I talk to famous peeps and they are all so so so very sweet and give a whole new wonderful meaning to the words - down to earth.

    You can read the story here

    And now you will love my almond face mask a lot , I'm sure

    I am now off to buy me some MAC Twinks eyeshadow.

    Indian Girl

June Showers

    Rains have begun in Mumbai and just like folks in Mumbai promised me - its been beautiful. It will get worse from now on I hear but for now am soaking it all in.

    Work has been great. I am still grateful for being able to do something I love. Lemme know if you'd like me to link my article to the blog for you to read.

    Work apart, life has started to kick in. I have a bunch of friends I like. I love their company. Love hanging out with them. Though I've never had a tough time getting along with anybody and am a pretty laid back person, its been very easy and loads of fun from the start with this bunch. More things to be grateful for.

    Boys. Umm.Get on twitter is all I have to say. I need you there. I need to hear from you. Be my twit fam. I love you to bits *pout*

    I haven't dated in forever. Its always just been distant crushes. Its been so long that now I don't know what to do. And question every move. But as I question I tell myself to let go and just have fun. So that's what I've been trying to do. Its about embarking on the journey now, not yet about arriving at the destination.

    These are some songs I've been listening to on repeat mode. Like I was telling my sister - they speak for me.

    Speak for what I'm feeling. Days when everything seems filled with hope and laughter and possibilities of something nice and warm. Of days when blood is rushing to your cheeks and you wont stop smiling.

    Days when you are plain stuck. Stuck in the between the middle. When uncertainty haunts you. And hope seems distant and near at the same time.

    Days when you think you have loads to say but will not. cannot. Mostly coz you don't know who to say it to.

    My favorite rainy day song. I just sit on my window sill, listening to this all day.

    Share with me your favorite rainy day songs. I'll give you more soon. I know am holding back with my stories. But I've always been this way. My best friend and my sister have a beef with me on this too. But am trying. Am trying to share more. Trying to let it all out. I will get around this and you'll hear more soon. Hugs. Kisses.

    Indian Girl

Green Home

    in Mumbai.

    I hear its rare. Just as rare as finding cute boys. Let alone tall, cute boys with dimples and glasses. Oh how I love em.

    But I am blessed with this new home I found. The terrace is what the lady lady calls - an Urban Jungle. Woke up this morning and took a few long deep breaths. Almost felt like I was cleansing my lungs out. And all this greenery just puts you in a chirpy mood for the day. I'm gonna take every chance to show this off.

    Here I go.

    Love the rosettes of leaves on this water plant




    Like mint but not (tastes awful)


    Excuse the pajamas.


    And then I found this beauty


    Green breakfast - Carom leaf


    Now onto the real deal with Adele playing in the background. I'm really not love lorn or anything. Pretty happy save for the part about lack of eye candy in Mumbai. Might import one or two here soon but that's another story for another time.

    And if you could help me move onto another song, I'll love you for it. This obsession has gone on long enough.


    Now, tell me

    Indian Girl

Hiya from...

    Oh My Gosh - where do I start ? I have written this letter ...

    no note

    umm...had this conversation ?

    all of the above a million times and rewritten it a few more times but then this is the gist

    I am in India ...

    Mumbai actually

    at Vogue India to be exact

    as the beauty features writer / editorial consultant for Vogue.in

    So there I go, that's where I've been and am.

    Its been beyond all kinda good and exciting and stressful trying to settle down in Mumbai. I have been ridiculously draining away money on taxis. I think I found a place..haven't sealed the deal yet. Been on my bff's couch - grateful to God she is in Mumbai. Cannot bring myself to give the local trains a try. I was at Lakme Fashion Week - such a giddy feeling seeing all the celebrities and every designer there is !

    Soaking Mumbai in. You know all that they say about people falling in love with Mumbai ? Well lets just say all that hasn't happened yet to me.

    If you have been a regular Vogue.in reader, especially of the beauty section and you've noticed a new name appearing there, and its been appearing every single day - that's me.

    Imma be regular now on. I've missed you bunches and bunches. Every evening on the way home from work I've thought of you and this feels good. Just typing and telling things out to you feels Oh So Good.

    Lots of love & miss you even more
    Indian Girl

Lip Smoothie by ELLE 18 Color Bombs : Preview

    Elle 18 ( Relaunched in November 2010 in India) are out with their new Lip Smoothies. These lip smoothies available in pocket-friendly tubes, are loaded with the goodness of cocoa butter to keep your lips soft.

    Available in 6 shades : Vanilla Heat, Melon Flame, Peach Afterglow, Berry Bomb, Strawberry Blast, Burnt Choco

    MRP: Rs. 85/-

    Indian Girl

NYFW Fall / Winter 2011 - Hair At Tara Subkoff for IMITATION : How To ?

    Hair by Ouidad At Tara Subkoff for IMITATION
    Inspiration : A femme fatale, “crazy socialite” to channel the seductive vibe.
    Look : Ouidad’s Tress Effects Styling Gel and PlayCurl Volumizing Foam helped shape the soft, 40’s Jane Russell-like curl.

    Indian Girl

NYFW Fall / Winter - 2011 : Hair At Rebecca Minkoff - How To ?

    Hair By Ouidad at Rebecca Minkoff's show.

    Inspiration : Throwback 60’s vibe with a gypsy feel
    Look : “morning after” long, loose tousled style. To get the look, Ouidad used PlayCurl Volumizing Foam and Climate Control to give models a less polished “urban gypsy” look.

    Indian Girl

    Pictures by Kristen Somody Whalen

NYFW Fall / Winter 2011 : Hair At 3.1 PHILLIP LIM - How To ?

    Hair by Odile Gilbert for 3.1 Phillip Lim show using Kérastase products

    Inspiration: The look is inspired by the Phillip Lim girl who is strong and urban, yet romantic and feminine. Odile pictured a girl riding a bicycle with romantic long flowing waves offsetting the tough slicked-back Shogun style

    Look: Very long flowing Botticelli hair, wavy in the back with the top section pulled up into a Japanese shogun style bun


    * Prep hair with Ciment Thermique for heat protection Spray hair with Double Force Hair Spray in sections and create Botticelli-waves using a three-pronged iron
    * Gather the top section of hair, slicking it back with Double Force Ultime Hair Spray for added control, and secure with an elastic
    * Pull the the ponytail halfway through the elastic, leaving the ends out, to create a small “Shogun” bun
    * Finger wave the remaining section while spraying Chroma Cristal for shine and brilliance
    * Smooth Elixir Ultime through the ends to create beautiful, flowing waves and finish with Double Force Hair Spray

    Products Used:

    * NEW Chroma Cristal (SRP: $37) – A light shine-enhancing mist for color-treated hair
    * Ciment Thermique (SRP: $37) – Leave-in heat-activated reconstructing milk for damaged/weakened hair that strengthens, protects and reinforces the hair fiber
    * Double Force Hair Spray (SRP: $36) – A multi-protective finishing hairspray with a lasting, firm hold and protective UV shield
    * Double Force Controle Ultime (SRP: $36) – A multi-protective finishing hairspray with a lasting, firm hold and protective UV shield
    * Elixir Ultime (SRP: $50) – A versatile beautifying hair oil comprised of four precious oils (Maize, Pracaxi, Camellia & Argan), to nourish, smooth and add shine to all hair types

    Indian Girl

Happy V Day Makeup Look !

    V day is all about love.
    Yeah and restaurants are all about food.
    Where are we going with this?

    I am by myself this V day and it still excites me to no end! You couple-y folks out there, good for ya – no points for guessing you have plans.

    Boyfriend or not I am laying off pinks and reds. Its been done. Its been done to no end. Forget them fake lashes as well. Let us focus on some understated glamour. This’ll get ya noticed for all the right reasons, keeps you comfortable and there will be no awkward runs to the girls room checking for red lipstick stains on your teeth! It is going to be about a wonderful date and a memorable conversation.

    Before we get to makeup lets focus on getting your skin ready. I have the perfect mask for supple, soft, look-at-me-I’m-fresh skin! Blend a couple of table spoons of oats in your blender to a powdery consistency. Mix this with a table spoon of creamy yogurt. Apply all over face and gently massage. Feel the blood circulating and then let it dry. Later, wash it off with warm water and follow with moisturizer. This winter I have been a slave to The Solution by Envision Beauty. It has kept my skin fairly worry free. Use the same mask with some sugar on your feet and hands.

    With your supple soft skin you hardly need heavy duty makeup. Use a light tinted moisturizer / concealer, if need be. I am dying over MAC Prolongwear concealer – its been doing things no other concealer has. I swear I got told yesterday by this (cute – I die!) boy that he wouldn’t have guessed I had makeup on. He had no idea about them dark circles, yo! Go for soft shades of peach on your cheeks and lips. A hint of highlighter here and there, some mascara. No intimidating shades, no forced colors. Feel your best and it’ll show – I promise.

    Oh and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. And there is nothing I wouldn’t ;) We’re talking makeup. Just makeup.

    Indian Girl

Golden Globes 2011 Makeup Yawn (for the most part)

    This year the Golden Globes red carpet was an assortment of dazzling dresses, pretty colors, and terrific designers. From the gorgeous blue Marchesa on Amy Adams, the fuchsia Lanvin on Julianne Moore, a variety of blush pinks, the exquisite emerald greens on Mila Kunis and Elisabeth Moss, the glittery extravaganza on Olivia Wilde – it was a feast of epic proportions for fashion lovers world wide.

    Unfortunately the same novelty or diversity was absent in the makeup department. Star after star walked the red carpet wearing the oft repeated red lipstick or a nude one almost always accompanied by an overdose of mascara or a smokey eye. They all looked very pretty but I, for one was disappointed about the lack of fun and color on their gorgeous faces. May be its time stars realize there is more to makeup than a gilded or smokey eye and a red or nude lip ! May be next time around they will take a more risqué route ? Je wonder...

    That being said, here is a medley of the reds vs. the nudes. Do you have a clear favorite?

    Indian Girl

Look Sunkissed Not Sun Drenched !

    Ever gone over board with the bronzer ? These small tips might help ya out with it, this winter! Also check out the article on Vogue India.

    Bronzer might be the single most widely bought / used makeup product in the summers but its real magic is brought to light only in winters. Imagine pale dead skin transforming into a healthy complexion, tinged to spring-y perfection – the mighty bronzer can do all that.

    And this.

    Overdoing the bronzer can be disastrous – red carpet or not. Key is to dust the bronzer along the contours of your face instead of applying it all over.

    Start off with a light dusting along your hairline. Follow with drawing the infallible 3 on the side of your face – Start above your temple, pull into the hollow of your cheek and out onto your jaw line. Remember the 3 - this will be your secret weapon for everything from killer cheek bones, effortless contouring to the faux glow. Follow the three with a light dusting of the bronzer on the bridge of your nose. Now without dipping your brush into your bronzer, run it along your neck – you don’t want a pale neck on your gorgeous sun kissed face!

    Indian Girl

Rachel McAdams Does Yellow Eyeliner !!!

    Rachel wouldn't figure in my top five list of people to sport yellow eyeliner. I do have the said list and I'll tell you this - it features Gwen Stefani, Blake Lively may be but not Rachel McAdams.

    In real life however,Rachel went with the yellow liner at the premiere of her movie - Morning Glory and looked fabulous while at it !

    Is this something you're thrilled about ? Are you itching to sport a similar look ? If you are then the M.A.C Pro Acrylic Paint in Primary Yellow is what you should get. Its this exact shade of bright sunny yellow - oh it making me feel warm already !

    Indian Girl

Birthday !

    27 ? Really ? When did this happen ? Unfreakinbelievable.

    Do I really have to contemplate my 27 years of living ?

    Can I just do 22 instead ?

    Or may be I'll just eat. Yeah eat . Its more fun. And it never gets old.

    Or not. I'll dance.

    Speakin of dancin - Am still totally crushin on an unknown boy. He danced with me all evening long at the "birthday party" . I don't know him but he was kinda tall, had curly hair and some of the best moves on the floor . Oh I totally heart him. May be we'll run into each other again ?
    May be ...just may be.

    Aaaah another year older but hardly anythin's changed. Still crushin like a 16 year old , yo !

    Indian Girl

Katy Perry's Hairstyle At People's Choice Awards : How To ?

    Katy Pery's luscious curls were styled by Danilo, Pantene Celebrity Stylist. I love the curls - wish my hair would do that ! Looks so bouncy and fun ! Congrats to Katy for winning Favorite Female Artist and Favorite Online Sensation last night!

    "Danilo created a beautiful classic body set on Katy, a style that “she always loves so much.” They decided on full waves to complement her strapless Betsey Johnson dress for a “sophisticated, cutie-pie” style for the evening.

    Katy arrived on the scene with freshly washed, towel-dried hair so Danilo had a clean base for styling. He first lightly misted her hair with the Pantene Pro-V Fine Hair Heat Protection & Shine Spray to wet and condition, then focused on prepping her roots for the voluminous style by spraying them with the Pantene Pro-V Fine Hair Root Lifter Spray Gel.

    Danilo then blew her hair out and, once dried, rubbed a small dollop of the Pantene Pro-V Restore Beautiful Lengths Smoothing Balm section-by-section before he applied heat from the curling iron. He used a medium-sized curling iron to set each section and sprayed the Pantene Pro-V Fine Hair Professional Level Style Shaping Hairspray over the set before letting it cool for five minutes. He then released her hair, brushed it gently, and “let her hair fall very full and wavy.” He parted her hair to the side with lift in the front, and left her remaining curls big and loose for the final finish."

    Indian Girl

Hair Trends To Umm... Try ?

    Nicki Minaj's Rainbow Tips - I don’t think I see myself ever dipping my raven hair in yellow or pink. But then I’ll never know – they say quarter life crisis does different things to different people. So I’ll hold off commenting on that.

    On Nicki it’s a whole another game – she can get away with it, no crisis needed.

    Mel B’s Partly Shaved Partly Cut Do - Not going anywhere near this. Probably just not the best look for a single, 26 year old girl like me. Mel B clearly looks happy with her choice!

    Hair Extensions - I used to be able to like them and thought they had a good purpose but then Taylor Momsen happened. And then I cut my hair short.

    Also catch the article on Vogue India .

    On a side note - amazing how everything I write reflects what's happening in maa life yo ! Birthday in five days - Twenty seven ! Say what ?

    Indian Girl

Resolutions For The New Year

    What are you new year resolutions ? I know I am not alone in the lose X pounds / tone up category - am I ?

    Indian Girl

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