Hair Trends To Umm... Try ?

    Nicki Minaj's Rainbow Tips - I don’t think I see myself ever dipping my raven hair in yellow or pink. But then I’ll never know – they say quarter life crisis does different things to different people. So I’ll hold off commenting on that.

    On Nicki it’s a whole another game – she can get away with it, no crisis needed.

    Mel B’s Partly Shaved Partly Cut Do - Not going anywhere near this. Probably just not the best look for a single, 26 year old girl like me. Mel B clearly looks happy with her choice!

    Hair Extensions - I used to be able to like them and thought they had a good purpose but then Taylor Momsen happened. And then I cut my hair short.

    Also catch the article on Vogue India .

    On a side note - amazing how everything I write reflects what's happening in maa life yo ! Birthday in five days - Twenty seven ! Say what ?

    Indian Girl

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