Golden Globes 2011 Makeup Yawn (for the most part)

    This year the Golden Globes red carpet was an assortment of dazzling dresses, pretty colors, and terrific designers. From the gorgeous blue Marchesa on Amy Adams, the fuchsia Lanvin on Julianne Moore, a variety of blush pinks, the exquisite emerald greens on Mila Kunis and Elisabeth Moss, the glittery extravaganza on Olivia Wilde – it was a feast of epic proportions for fashion lovers world wide.

    Unfortunately the same novelty or diversity was absent in the makeup department. Star after star walked the red carpet wearing the oft repeated red lipstick or a nude one almost always accompanied by an overdose of mascara or a smokey eye. They all looked very pretty but I, for one was disappointed about the lack of fun and color on their gorgeous faces. May be its time stars realize there is more to makeup than a gilded or smokey eye and a red or nude lip ! May be next time around they will take a more risqué route ? Je wonder...

    That being said, here is a medley of the reds vs. the nudes. Do you have a clear favorite?

    Indian Girl

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