Birthday !

    27 ? Really ? When did this happen ? Unfreakinbelievable.

    Do I really have to contemplate my 27 years of living ?

    Can I just do 22 instead ?

    Or may be I'll just eat. Yeah eat . Its more fun. And it never gets old.

    Or not. I'll dance.

    Speakin of dancin - Am still totally crushin on an unknown boy. He danced with me all evening long at the "birthday party" . I don't know him but he was kinda tall, had curly hair and some of the best moves on the floor . Oh I totally heart him. May be we'll run into each other again ?
    May be ...just may be.

    Aaaah another year older but hardly anythin's changed. Still crushin like a 16 year old , yo !

    Indian Girl

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