Winners - John Frieda Root Awakening Stylers Giveaway

    Big Congratulations to our five winners - SethJody, SG, nplusk,Krishna and Vani ! You will each receive a set of the new John Frieda Root Awakening Stylers ! Enjoy !

    Big Big Thank you to everybody who entered / RTed the giveaway. I'll be back form my blogging beak with more beauty giveaways for y'all !

    Get Eco Chic Y'all !

    Before I leave I wanted to introduce you guys to the 21 Day Eco Chic Challenge on Elle.com . The folks at Elle have put together 21 green tips for the earth lover in you. Check it out - it will help us make better choices in the future. Let it be Earth Month all year long and may we make greener choices always !

    Indian Girl


    Hiya ladies !

    Happy Monday :)

    This past weekend I visited a nearby state park, went on a long trail and took in all the greenery that now surrounds us ! At the end of winter I promised myself to sneak in more enjoyable workouts and this sure was one fun day out !

    Flashback : When my sister and I were young, my mom told us that if we kept seeing all that greenery it was good for our eyes. So during any trip we took, my sister and I had our eyes glued to the windows imagining our eye sights getting better with every tree !

    Now I know it was just my mom's way of keeping us kids busy. Either ways there is still a warm happy feeling that comes over me every time I am surrounded by greenery. It had rained all night long, the day before my visit making everything look prettier. But also making the trails super slushy and slippery. My shoes had about four inches of mud stuck to it. Ever few minutes we'd stop and get rid of the mud only to be walking on mud heels a second later. I thought of it as ankle weights - Cant say it wasn't fun !

    Farm equipment from the early 1900's.

    Windmill complete with a eerie noise. There is something about these old wind mills, man. Takes me back in time. I get the feeling I lived on a ranch in a previous life (if there is such a thing). Hence my love for all things ranches and cowboys ;)

    How long has it been since you saw a butterfly ? Its been ages for me. We used to be surrounded by them when we were young. Too bad its becoming a thing of the past...

    My friend kept referring to these as crop circles - LOL !

    The non slushy nice part of the trail...

    Bluebonnets everywhere !

    Hope you enjoyed seeing pictures from my weekend !

    Indian Girl

Beauty News


    This is a fun partnership I cam across a couple of days back ! Have you been to weather.com lately ? Its a site I cannot live without - pollen , allergies, and the wrath of the sun are a few things I'd like to be informed about. And now they have partnered with Jergens & John Frieda to give a beauty forecast ! I think its super creative idea.

    These are a few beauty alerts available

    • Beauty Forecasts – Today, tomorrow, tonight and five-day forecasts based on location-specific weather conditions
    • Skin and Hair Alert Levels – Forecasts offer probability levels, such as “extreme frizz” or “dry skin likely” and more
    • Beauty Tips – Hair and skincare information about weather’s impact on beauty issues
    • Product Advice – Recommendations based on local weather available on web or mobile
    • Style Checklist – Must-have items and accessories to brave the elements, such as scarves, hairspray, umbrellas and more.

    Go to www.weather.com/beauty to find out what your weatherman recommends !


    Yes, the same fragrance which began the whole retouched Kimora Lee Simmons controversy. I have no idea why people talk like its new - its been done forever yet every new one gets talked about !

    That apart I am drawn to the fragrance's notes except for the blackberry part. I love coconut and sandalwood but will wait till I try the fragrance to give you my full verdict.

    "The luminous floriental fragrance opens with an intriguingly smooth coconut top note that blends into a heart of velvety blackberry crème and vanilla orchid with a sophisticated warm drydown of crème de musk and sandalwood. "

    WELLA USA Koleston Perfect Special Mix

    This is what I tweeted this morning.

    And now I'm wondering if may be I should follow the new It Trend and color my hair in gorgeous springy pastel shades or go for clip in extensions to take the attention away form the grays. Everybody from Ashley Olsen, Kelly Osbourne, Drew Barrymore, and Lady Gaga are doing it.

    Of course if I followed everything they did - hair would be the least of my issues.

    These new pastel shades of hair color was created by Wella master colorist Eva Scrivo for the Cynthia Rowley Fall '10 runway, using Koleston Perfect Special Mix colors. They were such a hit, she has now started selling colored clip-in extensions customized at her salon.

    I'll take the purple one please.


    There is a brand new fun range of makeup at Sephora - its called Tokidoki . If you make it to the launch on April 22 lemme know how fun it was ! Lovin all the cute packaging !


    Today and tomorrow, QVC is giving beauty fans the best beauty brands and face-to-face access to the industry’s leading newsmakers from Chaz Dean and Mally Roncal to Ken Paves and Laura Geller.

    Tune in and log on to QVC on today Friday, April 16 for Beauty Bash featuring Beauty Newsmakers – 24 hours of expert tips, tricks, behind-the-brand buzz and in-depth answers to top beauty questions. Tomorrow the channel will feature for a live webcast from Studio Park on April 17 at 12:30 PM ET, as customers travel to QVC to connect with beauty’s leading authorities.

    Indian Girl

mark It Kit Trend Color Compact : Review & Swatches

    I love kits and palettes mostly because they are a great value for money ! If I was someone who traveled a lot - I'd probably love it for that too.

    Often I get questions from readers looking for a great everyday kit that they could just throw into their bags and head out. Other times I get asked about kits for beginners who want a little bit of everything in a small, compact, non-overwhelming form. And then there are kits that need to be given as gifts. When you are traveling to India to meet with relatives / spend some time in Des you take gifts for relatives - all Asians do this. And I get a lot of questions from folks traveling to India / Pakistan / South Asia in general requesting recommendations on mini makeup kits that they could give as gifts.

    In short - there is a huge demand for mini all in one kits.

    I have one kit here that satisfies all of the above needs - The mark It Kit Trend Color Compact. At $20 its a cute little thing that packs a lot !

    Its a flip compact - as in you have a few things on one side and you flip it to find few more things.
    On one side are three eye shadows (black, grey, beige) and an almost matte bronzer.

    On the other side we have three lip glosses ( mauve pink, fuchsia, clear shimmer ) and three triple use color creams ( deep pink, bronze taupe, light pink).

    Over all its a very well thought out palette. The eye shadows come in a decent size - not those tiny squares that wont even fit your finger. The three shades should look good on most skin tones and are versatile enough for day and night. The bronzer is good for some color / for contouring.

    But my most favorite part is the other side with the lip glosses and creams. The creams can be used on eyes / lips / cheeks. I love using the deep pink color on my cheeks and using the light pink one as a highlighter under my brows, on top of my cheek bones / on the bridge of my nose. The bronze taupe I use on its own all over my lids. When I apply a thin layer it doesn't crease much and gives just enough color for day wear. Combined with some black shadow along the lash line and mascara - I'm good to go !

    The lip glosses are not deeply pigmented - all three are sheer. The fuchsia pink gives the most color to my lips but the mauve pink is my favorite for day. It has a gorgeous shine that though not long lasting looks incredible the short time that it stays on. For longer wear and more color I've started applying the deep pink creme color on my lips and topping it off with any of the glosses - too cute !

    My only complaint is the slightly sweet taste of the glosses. I don't really lick my lips or eat lipstick but the one time I just happened to...the sweet taste reminded me never to. None of the products have any scent, which is great coz my olfactory senses drive me crazy. And the lid has a hollow design so your lip gloss wont get on the lid of the compact. Messy compacts are yuck.

    Overall - its a very handy kit ! This is my first time with a mark product and it has managed to get me interested in the brand.
    A lot.

    Indian Girl

GIVEAWAY : John Frieda Root Awakening Stylers

    The John Frieda Style On Site Bus Tour starts on April 27, but you could get a little help with your hair styling right away ! We have teamed up with John Frieda to giveaway Five Sets of their three new Root Awakening Stylers !

    Each winner will receive (Five Winners )

    John Frieda Root Awakening Strength Restoring Gel

    John Frieda Root Awakening Strength Restoring Smoothing Lotion

    John Frieda Root Awakening Strength Restoring Hair Spray

    How To Enter The Giveaway

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    This contest is open to US residents and ends on Thursday, April 22, 2010 at 8 PM CST. I'll be picking out the five winners randomly and announcing them the next day!

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John Frieda & BCBG : Style On Site Tour

    John Frieda has joined forces with BCBG, one of the hottest names in fashion today, to bring consumers everywhere the John Frieda Style On Site Tour. Kicking off in New York City on April 27th, the team is hitting the road on a 10-city tour.

    If the bus is making a stop at your city , try and make a visit. Its not everyday we get answers on our unruly hair ! Answers from a celebrity stylist !

    Style On Site Tour

    The tour will start in New York on April 27th, 28th and 29th and will then travel to several other cities offering locals the A-list treatment: free hair styling sessions with stylists from John Frieda and fashion advice from BCBG, complete with access to exclusive pieces not available on counter.

    Led by celebrity stylist Harry Josh (who works with some of the biggest names in the industry: Blake Lively, Sarah Jessica Parker, Gwyneth Paltrow, Gisele Bundchen, Amanda Seyfried, Ellen Pompeo), the John Frieda expert team will be providing complimentary 15-minute consultations and styling lessons to address every hair issue with targeted John Frieda solutions.

    What Happens At The Bus ?

    When visitors arrive on site, they’ll have the opportunity to make a 15-minute appointment on a first-come, first-served basis. Each client will receive a styling lesson with a top John Frieda stylist, who will consult with her about her specific hair issues and educate her on how to address her unique concerns. Every attendee will walk away with a “hair prescription” from her stylist and will have the chance to purchase her recommended John Frieda formulas on-site at a drugstore.com kiosk.

    BCBG Boutique

    Following the hair session, visitors can complement their new style at the BCBG mini boutique where BCBG must-haves will be on display and fashionistas can log on to BCBG shopping kiosks and order style essentials for the season online with an exclusive John Frieda discount.

    Full Tour Stop Dates

    Philadelphia – May 2-3

    Atlanta – May 7-8

    Miami – May 13-15

    Houston – May 21-22

    Los Angeles – May 28-30

    San Francisco – June 3-4

    Minneapolis – June 11-13

    Chicago – June 17-19

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The Real Raccoon

    People often give Kareena a hard time about her kajal rimmed eyes - its hardly raccon-ish according to me. I love the kajal effect !

    The real raccoon however is Taylor Momsen. I understand her rock get up but really is that black shadow under her nostrils ? Can one get high on eye shadows ? The color is just bleeding out of her eyes...

    Indian Girl

At Home Pedicure Stories

    Step 1 : Take Off Polish and clip them nails.

    Step 2 : Soak those tootsies in warm water.

    Throw in epsom salt or any coarse salt. I truly believe salt relaxes feet and even relives any pain. It has always worked for me.

    Step 3 : Dry Skin Be Gone

    Before I tell you about about the how, I need to get on with the story about my fear of metal scrappers.

    A few years back when my mom was getting her pedicure at a salon & she happened to get back home with a bruised foot. It got me so mad, that I went back to the salon and gave the lady a piece of my mind. The deal is my mom is diabetic and everybody knows feet / legs are a sensitive area for diabetic people. Their bruises don't heal as fast. But that left a scar on me - I have just been scared of anything metal scrapping my feet.

    I once had an inkling to try ped egg but the moment I saw all those shiny blade like thingies - the uncomfortable feeling returned. So metal scrappers are out of question in my pedicure routine.

    My next best alternative for a while has been the pumice stone. Other than the fact that it falls, crumbles easily, leaving sand like particles all over my shower ....

    With a background like this - the Rada Pro Ergonomic Pedicure File seemed like a great idea. And at $9.99 the deal felt a lot more sweeter.

    What it is - is a light weight box shaped to fit the contours of a hand. Inside the box are self - adhesive, abrasive stickers of two types - coarse and fine. You simply place the sticker on one side of the box and get busy with the calluses. They can be used on dry / soaked feet - I prefer soaked. By the time I'm done with both my feet the sticker is worn out. Each one is perfect for one time use - very sanitary ! Perfect for diabetics - Remember I told about a package we're putting together for mom ? This file definitely made the cut !

    Step 4 : Exfoliation

    After scrapping off the dead cells under my feet - its time for exfoliating my feet. My favorite has to be the Qtica Cherry Bing Sugar Scrub. I've written about this before or so I thought - its absolutely fab !

    But a quick alternative is simply a mix of sugar and honey from our kitchen.

    Take a generous amount and gently massage it on your feet . It a great feeling - almost like a good foot rub. Those of us who don't have foot rub person at hand will have to settle for a sugar scrub.

    Step 5 : Moisturize

    Wash the sugar scrub off and pat dry your feet. Follow with a heavy creamy moisturizer. It should drench your feet with hydration. My favorite has been the Lush Fair Trade Foot Lotion. I like mint - I really really like mint but this was too strong even for the mint lover in me. I can see how some people might hate the strong smell. Its also really really thick - not your everyday lotion. But if you need a heavy dose of moisture , I haven't found anything that does a better job than this stinky pink-y lotion.

    Another good foot lotion is the Jergens Sensitive Skin Relief Lotion . Though not made for feet its very good at keeping my feet feeling soft on an every day basis.

    Step 6 : Now throw your feet into a pair of socks.

    I got a pair of no nonsense sturdy cotton wool socks from Walmart a few months back. They are the best. After a pedicure session I put em on and am all set ! Plus it wards off the heavy mint smell from the Lush lotion.

    Of course there is the part about Nail Polish - the really fun pat. I usually do it the next day.

    What have I missed ? What do you do ? Dish....

    In Other News

    Lets all take 7 minutes out today to enjoy this wonderful heart wrenching, emotional making, tears flowing hindi song - please. I've obviously been living under a rock - I hadn't heard this song until this past weekend. Hugs to my sister who pointed it out to me.

    Indian Girl

    This article contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR. For more details on the disclosure policy please refer to it at the bottom of the page.

Kenzo Belle De Jour Angel Eyes : Review - The Best Eye Cream Yet !

    In this day and age ...

    ****************gimme a minute here , will ya ***********************

    LOL ! Gosh - Professor Dan-age.
    I had a professor once who started every class, every story, every session with the words - in this dan age ( day and age). So much that, those are the only words I remember from his classes.

    *************Here I go again *****************************

    So, in this day and age lucky are those who don't sit in front of a computer all day long drying their eyes out. Putting our eyes through maximum stress day in and night out. Also all that squinting you do when you are really concentrating along with dry eyes - hello early wrinkles !

    The Dry Machine

    I don't know if it was all the computer-ing or the fact that it was a cold cold winter or a deadly combo of the two but the skin around my eyes were parched. Especially the area at the sides of my nose / inner eye corner - supreme dryness. So much that I refrained from any eye makeup for the longest time . I wasn't doing any eye elated thingy for the blog either - how could I with the grotesque concealer settling onto my dry skin.

    Project Combat The Dry Machine

    After my Biore eye cream didn't do much to rescue me , I discovered Kenzo Belle De Jour Angel Eyes. The first time I tried it - I knew it was gonna be a hit. Angel eyes is suppose to have reduced the stress inducing hormone cortisol by 13 % in a single use among the test group. Now 13 % was a claim I was ready to believe as oppose to some mascara companies - 200 % more volume stories.

    In a week of using this velvety cream every night, my dryness cleared out. And the knowledge about the cortisol made me feel calmer like my stress was really draining out. Its got a very mild relaxing scent of white lotus flower.

    Its A Luxury Of Sorts

    That being said it is an indulgence, a luxury even at $70 - 0.5oz. For comparison the popular Clinique Repairware Intensive Eye Cream is priced at almost $40 - 0.5 oz.

    Since starting out on eye creams a few years back , I've tried more than I'd care to count. But this one stands out - its the best I've tried yet. If you are heavy on cash and are looking to make yourself a lil more happy - look in the direction of the Kenzo wall at Sephora. You wont regret it. I wake up feeling thoroughly hydrated and replenished ; ready to combat another day in front of the dry machine called computer.

    What is your favorite eye cream ? Do you have one you highly recommend ?

    Indian Girl

    This article contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR. For more details on the disclosure policy please refer to it at the bottom of the page.

Eliza Dushku Inspired Makeup Look - How To ?

    Though the look was mega sexy , its a fairly easy look to do by yourself.

    Find more pictures from this shoot and the look here along with lip look recommendations to go with all this sexiness ! Now onto the tutorial...

    Products Used & Description

    1. Moisturize eyes, apply concealer all over lid / under eyes.

    2. Make a V at the outer corner using an angled eyeliner brush and a black cream / gel eyeliner.
    Find pictures on how to create the V here
    I used Urban Decay Ink For Eyes - Black.

    3. Using a flat brush lay the cream liner all over the lid. Lay it on fairly thick so its intense.

    4. With a flat eyeshadow brush lay the deepest satin / matte black eyeshadow all over the lid. Now bland the shadow onto the crease using very little product and a fluffy brush. Very little blending.

    5. Using a tiny flat eyeshadow brush apply a shimmery gold on the inner corner and along the lower lashline. Make it a thick.

    6. Now run over the black shadow over the gold. And then some gold over the black - I am not kiddin !

    7. Line the waterline and tightline with a black pencil.
    I used Julie Hewett hue Pencil in black - its really black ! Loves it !

    8.. Do your brows, lashes and you're done !

    Indian Girl

Illamasqua Body Electrics Collection : Preview

    Illamasqua, the UK-based make-up line for your alter ego, introduces its first collection of make-up for the whole body: Body Electrics. Inspired by the power of kinetic energy, the art of movement and the fluidity of the body in motion, this stunning collection is an anthology of creams, powders and dry body oils infused with light, shimmer and shine, designed to highlight and contour the whole body.

    The Body Electrics Collection features an assortment of new, limited edition items, as well as exciting best-sellers:

    New Gleam Cream ($36) – Containing iridescent pearlescent pigments, this lightweight cream is suitable for face and body, lifting and highlighting wherever it’s applied. Use on its own or mix with foundation for an immediate skin brightening effect that will illuminate the night. Available in Flex (soft pink iridescent)

    New 4-Colour Liquid Metal Palette ($42.50) – Contains Solstice (gold), Enrapture (bronze), Surge (platinum) and Phenomena (silver) in one sleek compact

    New Liquid Metal ($26) - Use to adorn eyes, face and body, and apply with fingers or a brush. Release your inhibitions and illuminate your alter ego. Available in two new shades: Surge (Platinum) and Phenomenon (Silver)

    New Powdered Metal ($36) – This loose metallic powder can be used on the face and body to create anything from a subtle sheen to an extreme metallic finish. Step into the limelight and demand to be noticed. Available in Thalia (golden tan shimmer).

    Powder Eye Shadow ($20) – Silky, vibrant matte color glides onto lids, creating a look as strong or as subtle as you choose. Available in Imagine (electric blue) and Can Can (violet)

    Pure Pigment ($24) – A metallic, high-shine, pure-colour powder that highlights eyes, cheeks and brows. Mix with eye shadow, blusher or use it on its own to intense effect. Bring out your bold side. Available in Furore (beige shimmer) and Static (New! white with iridescent pink and violet flecks)

    Sheer Lipgloss ($20) – Available in Divine (hot pink)

    Bronzer Duo ($30) – Available in Glint/Burnish (soft luminous peach/golden bronze)

    Availability: The Illamasqua Body Electrics collection will be available at select Sephora locations and on Sephora.com beginning in May 2010. Gleam Cream, 4-Colour Liquid Metal Palette and Powdered Metal are available for a limited time only.

    Indian Girl

9 Ways To A Skinnier Me

    Skinnier Me - sounds so good ! These are things I am doing now for it.

    As in right this second. And they seem to be working. Like they say on The Biggest Loser - The Scale Don't Lie ...

    or something like that.

    But I get the feeling it will work for you too. Especially #8 & #9 - its the bomb - gives me the butterflies !

    Important Note : I am not a trained fitness professional - merely a budding enthusiast. Do not take anything from my fitness / diet posts any more seriously than you would take something that comes up in a conversation with your friend. Talk to a trained professional / physician before starting out on any exercise / diet routine - Most gyms offer free body assessments.

    Only thing you can completely take my word for it are on #8 & #9. Essentially - boys.

    1. EAT CARBS

    No. Don't read it as - Don't eat carbs. Eat carbs - that works for me.
    Eating the right carbs works for me.

    If you've heard me yap long enough on the blog or even worse on twitter you know this girl loves her carbs . Rice in any form will be swallowed in jiffy. Pastas - the creamier the better. But now I choose to eat the better carbs.

    My right carbs include - Quinoa, Bulgar, Cous Cous, Barley.

    They fill you up and you can cook anything with them ! I even made a mock rice n lentil /daal chawal / sambar rice with barley , split peas and lots of vegetables to satisfy my desi food cravings. One cup barley lasted me four or five meals with the split peas and veggies. It also had three times the protein, rice does. There are plenty more better carbs but these have been my favs yet.

    You are only limited by your creativity.

    Your abs are made in the kitchen.

    What goes around comes around.

    Wait that didn't belong there. I thought we were just throwing out random sayings.

    2. Make a Work Out Routine. Stick To it. Or Not.

    Yeah - or not ! Don't you just love me now ! I am your best friend.

    Not really about the or not part.

    What I meant is to make working out a priority and stick to it. What you do - leave it to your imagination.

    I started the P90X but an one hour to one and a half hour commitment everyday is a bit much for me. Some days I just don't feel like going on and on. Other days I cant get enough !

    So I mix it up - do it when I can. And when I cant - I still do something. Either a 20 minute run around the neighborhood. A jog on the treadmill at the gym and then having a go at all the other equipments there. Or pull out my Jillian 30 Day Shred and do a 20 minute work out. This way I am not bound - I feel like I'm free to do anything.

    3. Reduce Sodium

    Not just the table salt we add to our food. But everything - fish out low sodium beans, soy sauce, ketchup , tomato sauce - everything. They make them you know !

    With canned beans ( my savior) always rinse them before use to get rid of excess salt, preservative - any of the bad stuff.

    Don't buy frozen ready made food - avoid it like you avoided the girl from hell at school. They most often have excess salt. (the frozen food, not the girl) What with salt being a good preservative n all.

    Replace your regular salt with sea salt. They are way yummier and have lesser sodium per table spoon than regular salt.

    4. Eat Your Vegetables

    It feels weird to say this but saying it like this will make more sense .

    Vegetables are naturally fat free( for the most part or lowest fat), naturally low sodium foods and most importantly have next to nothing in terms of calories. But they fill you up and you can cook them any way - bake , broil, grill, stir fry ( my fav) !

    For example - this was my dinner last night. A freakin whole head of cauliflower.
    No kiddin ! I ate the whole damn thing.

    Just peeled the florets out and broiled them. Made the yummiest dressing with low fat yogurt, roasted red pepper, sun dried tomatoes and garlic. The whole thing was less than a 100 calories. Something around 75 - I could not believe my eyes !!

    5. Calorie Count

    Calorie count - Recipe analyzer
    is the best tool ever .

    If you are doubtful about what you are about to cook - just go ahead and type the recipe out into the tool and it will tell you how many calories its gonna be per serving !

    Sometimes the number will surprise you in a bad way. But its actually a good thing. Now that you know its loaded - you can reduce the serving size or tweak the recipe to accommodate the word - healthier.

    6. Drink Loads Of Water

    But why ? Not getting enough fluid can cause bloating apparently !
    Dehydration combined with excess intake of salty foods, alcohol, pepsi colas are a sure fire way to get bloated. The best thing to combat it is to drink water.

    Eight to ten glasses doesn't make much sense to me. How big is this glass ? From what I've read I think they mean eight 8oz (64 oz) glasses of water at least.

    I drink almost 56x3 oz (168 oz) of water a day. I have a huge 56 oz juice bottle next to me at all times and drink from it. I've always been an excess water drinker so this hasn't been something I had to work at.

    If you hate the taste of water - flavor it naturally with cumin seeds / cucumber pieces / lime slices.

    All this health talk aside - more water means more tips to the girls room. And that always means more trips to touch up on your lipstick !

    7. Do It Everyday , All The Time - Crazy Talk

    Make healthy and fit not a goal but something you strive to do everyday. It should be at the back of every decision you make, except your cheat meals. Of course I need cheat meals (all the time) ! I don't wanna turn into a totally crazy person !

    I get that enough already. You'll see.

    8. Dance Like Nobody's Watching

    I haven't partied in forever and then some. But I love dancing.

    I work up a big sweat with it and the heart rate goes crazy ! That in turn means cardio is getting done. But really all I am doing is imagining a tall , handsome stud with dimples and going crazy to the beat.

    Last night right before my work out I danced crazy to - a stationary spice mix ( brownie points if you guess that - I might even have a gift sent out to you if you guess it right !)

    The dance got me all perked up , put me in a great mood and I crammed in a lot ! Good mood helps, y'all !

    9. Have a Crush

    Does it help ? You bet your behind it does !

    For me anyways. I've always worked out the hardest when I'm going boy crazy.

    For instance - everybody and their mother knows I'm dying over cute cute cute. It pushes me - who doesn't wanna look their best when they finally meet Mr.Hawt !

    Another thing - helps that I know I'll hardly ever meet him. Let alone go on a date or get my heart broken....This way its all in my hands - I am boy crazy for as long as I come across something more hawt-ter. And then I push myself a lil more !

    Told you - you'll love #9. Its by far my most favorite and the most effective ;)

    Sometimes I surprise myself with how and where I includes snippets on crushes.
    Not like they'll ever read it !

    That being said - last night I dreamt of some one else. Its all getting very confusing. What does it mean ? I cant handle two boys, yo.

    Indian Girl

    pic source

Another Eliza Dushku Inspired Look

    This shoot with Eliza Dushku is just super sexy ! This is another look from the same shoot as a previous look I did on the blog - except this time its way darker and way more sexier. I love the black and gold contrast ! Wouldn't you say its perfect for a sexy night out !

    I got inspired tried something similar. Except, I toned it down & I didn't do as much black as Eliza.

    Lemme know if you'd like a tutorial. I'll have it up soon !

    I'd pair it with this warm nude like Estee Lauder Long Wear Lip Liner in Spice. Its creamy & pigmented enough to work as lipstick. For added oomph you could add a hint of golden nude gloss like Julie Hewett - Tish.

    Or you could do what I like the best - go for a cool plummy pink like Estee Lauder Plum Amethyst Lipstick with some clear gloss on top. Why not go sexy eye & lip !

    Indian Girl

Lipstick Queen Fifteen Minutes Of Fame Lip Gloss : Review & Swatches

    I've been dying to write about these Lipstick Queen Fifteen Minutes Of Fame glosses for a while now.

    You know me - I am total lipstick snob. Nothing about the gooey sticky mess of a lip gloss attracts me. Don't even get me started on that one fine strand of hair getting stuck on glosses.

    But the I told you , I've been dying to write about these ones. Only because they...
    Have the glossiest high shine creamy finish.
    No sparkle. No Glitter.
    Come in the most gorgeous colors.
    And I am high on pinks at the moment.

    The affinity to pink is genetic. My mom is a pink - addict. And try as I might, you cant find DNA.
    Or I could just sing ...

    "I got a problem and I
    Don't know what to do about it
    Even if I did, I don't know if I would quit, but I doubt it, I'm
    Taken by the thought of it "

    *Big brownie points if you could guess that song !*

    Lemme let the swatches speak to you & then I'll yap some more.

    9 Minutes - Scarlet Red
    10 Minutes - Sheer Cool Pink

    12 Minutes - Mauve Rose. I wanna call it peony.

    13 Minutes - raspberry, baby !

    They are low on the stickiness and don't feel heavy on lips. But then I am wondering - how do you feel about clicketty click click pens ?

    The glosses are priced at $16.50 ( 0.05 oz / 1.45 ml) . For reference MAC dazzleglasses come at $18 (0.06 / 1.92 ml). You'll find a list of stores that carry Lipstick Queen Products here

    In Other News

    Indulge Me.


    I was dying to tell y'all about the glosses but I am literally dying over some boys. I can feel a Boys ...Episode 4 coming up. My best friends are both married and couldn't be bothered with crushes and boys. You are all I got *pouts*

    My twitter feed is clogged with up @pennmasala references. I feel like I am 14 and obsessing over Backstreet Boys. Needless to say I am a grown girl at 26 and my tastes have vastly improved. You'll see.

    I did not just do that. Tell me I didn't. I did not just plant that heart there. This is gettin way outta hand and quick.

    Did you check them out - tell me you did.

    I am turning 14 again, except I don't have posters all around my house. Not that I'll buy em but just wondering where they are sold. Again, not that I will...

    Neither am I fighting my sister and cousin over who gets whom. Yes, we did that too.Curious much - here you go. I did not just do that either. Lord help me. Its your turn now.

    And ear candy ( don't makes no faces) listen to pennmasala radio on their site. Their version of Because of You is killin me ...

    In a good way.

    So very good way.

    Thank you for indulging me. I love y'all ! xoxo

    Indian Girl

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