Eliza Dushku Inspired Makeup Look - How To ?

    Though the look was mega sexy , its a fairly easy look to do by yourself.

    Find more pictures from this shoot and the look here along with lip look recommendations to go with all this sexiness ! Now onto the tutorial...

    Products Used & Description

    1. Moisturize eyes, apply concealer all over lid / under eyes.

    2. Make a V at the outer corner using an angled eyeliner brush and a black cream / gel eyeliner.
    Find pictures on how to create the V here
    I used Urban Decay Ink For Eyes - Black.

    3. Using a flat brush lay the cream liner all over the lid. Lay it on fairly thick so its intense.

    4. With a flat eyeshadow brush lay the deepest satin / matte black eyeshadow all over the lid. Now bland the shadow onto the crease using very little product and a fluffy brush. Very little blending.

    5. Using a tiny flat eyeshadow brush apply a shimmery gold on the inner corner and along the lower lashline. Make it a thick.

    6. Now run over the black shadow over the gold. And then some gold over the black - I am not kiddin !

    7. Line the waterline and tightline with a black pencil.
    I used Julie Hewett hue Pencil in black - its really black ! Loves it !

    8.. Do your brows, lashes and you're done !

    Indian Girl

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