Hiya ladies !

    Happy Monday :)

    This past weekend I visited a nearby state park, went on a long trail and took in all the greenery that now surrounds us ! At the end of winter I promised myself to sneak in more enjoyable workouts and this sure was one fun day out !

    Flashback : When my sister and I were young, my mom told us that if we kept seeing all that greenery it was good for our eyes. So during any trip we took, my sister and I had our eyes glued to the windows imagining our eye sights getting better with every tree !

    Now I know it was just my mom's way of keeping us kids busy. Either ways there is still a warm happy feeling that comes over me every time I am surrounded by greenery. It had rained all night long, the day before my visit making everything look prettier. But also making the trails super slushy and slippery. My shoes had about four inches of mud stuck to it. Ever few minutes we'd stop and get rid of the mud only to be walking on mud heels a second later. I thought of it as ankle weights - Cant say it wasn't fun !

    Farm equipment from the early 1900's.

    Windmill complete with a eerie noise. There is something about these old wind mills, man. Takes me back in time. I get the feeling I lived on a ranch in a previous life (if there is such a thing). Hence my love for all things ranches and cowboys ;)

    How long has it been since you saw a butterfly ? Its been ages for me. We used to be surrounded by them when we were young. Too bad its becoming a thing of the past...

    My friend kept referring to these as crop circles - LOL !

    The non slushy nice part of the trail...

    Bluebonnets everywhere !

    Hope you enjoyed seeing pictures from my weekend !

    Indian Girl

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