Olay Purifying Mud Lathering Cleanser : Review

    I've got a more appropriate (AKA longer) name for this product - Olay Purifying Mud Creamy Lathering Cleanser. ( I added the creamy in the pic too )

    With a dry face like mine the only thing I can think of when I read Mud & Lathering is - dryness. With a creamy in between there somewhere it relaxes me a bit. Wont you agree ?

    For a long time I relied on Olay Foaming Face Wash For Sensitive Skin to keep my skin happy. I've had some very good skin memories with it and this cleanser follows close behind. Its extremely foaming and foams up fast without stripping what little natural oils I have left on my face. That being said it doesn't necessarily moisturize my skin and I dont expect that of a clenser unless its a oil cleanser. $7.99 is a price I am willing to pay for it. But I'd be grabbing off the shelf if its on sale !

    Its quite good at taking off foundation ( Smashbox HD). I don't use it around the eyes - the first time I did , I thought I noticed a bit of drying. Plus may be mud around eyes aint a good idea anyways. Its a very good cleanser but it isnt replacing my mud masks ever ! Those masks exfoliate and loosen up my black heads , y'all !

    Have you tried this cleanser ? What was your experience like ? I'm curious to see how well it works on folks with oily skin.

    Indian Girl

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