Give Your Foundation An Energy Boost - It Makes The World A Warmer Place

    I kid you not. This is about giving your foundation a much needed energy boost.

    Which in turn gives your face a shot of something like Emergen C.

    Which in turn makes you look & feel warmer and radiant.

    Which in turn makes the world a warmer place.

    Which is all we want.

    This should be called the ripple effect.
    Makes science so much more interesting.
    To kick off this glorious cycle you begin by placing a dose of gel or creme bronzer on the back of your hand. Now adjacent to the bronzer you place a dose of your creme liquid foundation.

    Mix it and spread it all over your face and neck. I simply use my fingers.
    Clean ones only.

    The products that work for me are St. Tropez Radiance Mousse and Becca Luminous Skin Color.

    The St. Tropez Radiance mousse is some good stuff bro.
    You've gotto try it bro.
    You've got to bro.

    Sorry. That's my Jersey Shore withdrawal syndrome ...

    I love my Becca foundation but I always thought it missed a little something. A bit of warmth may be ? And somehow adding bronzer to it makes a huge difference in how pretty it looks.

    This is also a great way to warm up your winter foundation for spring.
    Nobody wants to look pale in spring ! GLT baby. GLT !

    Indian Girl

Hayden Panettiere : Red or Blonde ?

    I pick blonde.

    Red looks kinda heavy on her, ya know. Its over powering...
    Even the brows look too out-there. May be if they were dyed a couple of shades lighter, the effect would have been a lot more soft.

    But kudos to her for changing it up and having fun ! I wish I were half as adventurous with my hair !

    You feelin the red ?

    Indian Girl

Valentines Day Look : Sheer Glowing Skin and Tomato Red Lips

    Gosh, look how gorgeous Ali Larter is here !

    That skin !
    I can feel the moisture jumping out of it !
    And that sheer glow is driving me crazy !!

    In a beauty enthusiast kinda way.
    Nothing else.

    But tell me girls, isn't this a great look for V day ? Or just any date night ?

    Indian Girl

Clinique Instant Lift For Brows : Review - For the Most Natural Thick Eye Brows

    I am very much a thick eyebrows kinda girl. Having refrained from over plucking , my brows have a decent size. But then I want more , sometimes.

    Sometimes when I wanna go for this look.
    Fresh face, raspberry lips and brows.
    Super mega rich brows.

    Love you Jacquelyn Jablonski.
    Or even this...
    Soft, rose brown lips and BROWS.

    The only connecting thread between me and the models are the brows.
    And the dark hair.
    I'll take that ! We're more connected than I thought we would be !

    What Wont

    For these full, lush brows stay away from the usual - angled eyeliner/ eyebrow brush and powder.Using the brush makes for a too structured, architecturally pleasing brows. What we are trying to achieve is, more of a wash of defined brow above your eyes . They are strong , powerful yet somehow so much more youthful and fresh looking !

    What Will

    My recent absolute favorite for this look is the New Instant Lift For Brows from Clinique ($15). It does exactly what I want it to !

    Instant Lift for Brows includes a brow filling pencil on one end and a brow bone highlighter on the other. The brow filler is a wax-based formula with a beautiful powdery finish that deposits color evenly & easily - just one swipe. These are available in three shades - Soft Blonde, Soft Brown, Deep brown. I tried it in the shade - soft brown which is perfect for my NC 40 / Medium Skin tone. Soft Brown is a shade or two lighter than my natural brow color - which is key to sporting the bold brow look. Going full with a dark brow shade is BAD.

    The brow bone highlighter is a universal, warm pink champagne pearly hue paired with each of the three brow filler pencil shades. The highlighter gives a very wet brightening effect under my brows. Works great on the inner corner of the eye too !

    This is something I like - I like a lot !

    Are you big on big brows too ?

    Indian Girl

    This article contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR. For more details on the disclosure policy please refer to it at the bottom of the page.

Kérastase & LORAC Special Offers

    This just in - news on a cool offer. Kérastase fans - you might want to check it out !

    LORAC has two awesome deals on two of their kits ! The New Year neutrals Collection is now available for 19.50 - original value of $130 !!

    Indian Girl

Bobbi Brown Spring 2010 Cabana Corals Collection : Preview

    This is probably the only Spring Collection that I has me waiting on my tippy toes.

    I am corals girl out & out !
    Pink ?? No way Jose ! Its all corals & peach on the AIMB ranch !

    Do not, I'd rather one not let this collection go by without checking it out. And hopefully indulging in its magnificent colors. Tanned skin women must really be screaming on top of their lungs coz this is a collection for them !

    Well, not really its for everybody.

    But tanned girls will *love* it ! I know I do !

    The collection will be available in February - not very long , people. Not long at all !

    The Players :

    Cabo Coral Pot Rouge

    Bobbi’s purse-friendly Pot Rouge is now available in a new sunny shade of coral. Creamy and easy to blend, pat on lips and cheeks for a beachy pop of color.

    Price: $22.00

    Shimmer Bricks

    Bobbi’s iconic Shimmer Brick Compacts are hand-made in Italy and have five bars of luxe, pearlized pigment for a shimmering glow. Run the Face Blender Brush across all five bars and lightly dust over cheeks and forehead, or brush on eyes for subtle glimmer.
    Available in two new shades: Nectar and Pink Quartz.

    Price: $38.00

    Metallic Lip Color

    Made with a unique combination of high-shine emollients and light-reflective pearls, this formula offers medium coverage with multi-dimensional shimmer.
    Three new shades: Coral Reef, Coral Glaze, and Calypso Glaze.

    Price: $22.00

    Lip Color

    Bobbi’s classic lipstick— rich, full coverage with a soft matte finish.
    Two new shades: Cabo Coral and Guava.

    Price: $22.00

    Shimmer Lip Gloss

    Infused with subtle sparkle, Shimmer Lip Gloss is perfect worn on its own or over your favorite lipstick. Aloe extract soothes, Vitamins C and E offer anti-oxidant protection, and Jojoba and Avocado Oils keep lips soft and moisturized.
    Three new colors: Sunset Beach, Golden Nectar, and Coral Sand.

    Price: $20.00

    Indian Girl

Rimmel London 60 Seconds Nail Polish : Review & Photos

    Rimmel is soon catching up & becoming one of my very favorite drugstore brands ! I loved their lipsticks (airy fairy) , the long stay lip glosses come in some of the most wearable colors ( enduring love, lustrous nude, dream on), the eyeliners are metallic with a hint of sooty black - brilliant stuff ! I hit another jack pot when I tried out their 60 second nail polishes.

    My manicure nights are often accompanied with MTV - The City. I love catching up on Whitney & her life while I paint my nails. And no matter how interesting her life gets I cannot stay put to let my polish dry. This formula works perfect for dry-time impatient people like me. It truly truly dries off in 60 seconds. The polish applies evenly, no streaks, has good amount of color, come in 16 shades and is super cheap at $3.30.

    Its not just me who thinks it dries at supersonic speed - Good Housekeeping Research Institute tested Rimmel London's 60 Seconds Nail Polish in their January issue against a variety of polishes and they found the Rimmel polish to rank number one in drying time!

    The only thing missing from the formula is shine. I have a theory that the shine adding ingredients tend to increase the dry time. Take the matte nail polishes - they dry off in a jiffy. Its the same here but the formula is not completely matte. As for the missing shine, add a coat of nail strengthening , polish enhancing top coat and you've got the glam shine ! Or if you're unlike me and are super trendy, get the mattefying coat and add a some of it for a crisp matte look. I think Essie makes a good one.

    Some shades I loved from this range are Night Before - gorgeous purple with deep pink reflect ( Imagine that ! Its a lot like the frame around the shade except less gem like) and Rapid Ruby - a deep red with a hint of brown (so easy - it works on everybody !)

    Have you tried the 60 Second Nail Polish ? Is there a shade you love & recommend ?

    Indian Girl

SAG Awards 2010 - Jenna Fischer Makeup : How To ?

    At the recent SAG Awards, Jenna wore a purple, jeweled, strapless Marchesa gown and beautiful silver accessories. She had her hair pulled in a low, side bun. Gosh, I'd love to do a cute side bun like that !

    For makeup, she and her makeup artist Jennifer Pitt wanted to keep makeup fresh and natural looking, with an element of surprise. “Jenna likes to let her real skin show through,” said Jennifer. “With this colorful, glamorous dress, we felt a touch of drama to the eyes would be fun.”

    FACE: To keep her skin fresh looking, I started out with shu uemura’s Depsea Hydrabilty Moisturizing Emulsion. I then applied a bit of shu uemura’s UV Under Base Fluid on her cheek bones, under her eyes and on her brow bones. I wanted to take advantage of the product’s smoothing effect and the light-reflecting particles to give her skin a flawless finish. For her foundation, I used the Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. They have the amazing ability to be used either for light-weight coverage. Peachy tones look great with Jenna’s skin and went really well with her purple dress, so I used shu uemura’s Glow On blush in M Peach 44.

    EYES: To get the look for her eyes, I used shu uemura’s new Eye Shimmer Duo in Glint Blue. The brown base and the blue silver seemed to complement her look and coloring perfectly. I used a dark plum eyeliner along the lash line for deeper definition. To keep the smoky eye fresh, and not too heavy, I decided to line the bottom lid with a soft taupe liner.

    LIPS: On her lips I used the shu uemura’s Rouge Unlimited Supreme Shine lip colors. They have great pigments with a nice sheer coverage. I blended two colors to get the perfect shade for Jenna. I started with a base of Rouge Unlimited Supreme Shine in BG 943 (a pretty nude color) to define and moisturize her lips, and then I added a bit of Rouge Unlimited Supreme Shine in OR 520 (a peachy shade) to give her lips a pop of color.

    BODY: To complete the look, we moisturized her arms, chest and back and applied Fluid Sheer #5 by Armani to give her skin the same radiant look that her makeup had.

    Indian Girl

67th Golden Globe Awards 2010 - Christina Hendricks Makeup : How To ?

    Love - Mad Men ( though this season was a little blah) and love love love Christina Hendricks !


    “Effortless and chic: sheer satin eyes, pink milk-maid cheeks and a siren mouth. Christina’s dress has a sexy, yet soft look. We mirrored this with her make up. I love the contrast of the angelic, innocent face with the sexy edge of a strong mouth.”

    How To:

    PREPARE: I used shu uemura’s new Depsea Hydrability Moisture Cream. This cream seriously hydrates, yet disappears into the skin leaving the skin feeling fresh and smooth.

    UNDEREYE: Lancôme’s Effacernes in Porcelain.

    FOUNDATION: Applied minimal foundation, because Christina has nearly flawless skin. I used shu uemura’s Nobara Cream Cover Stick foundation.

    BLUSH: I used shu uemura’s brand new Satin Radiant Stick Blush on the apples of the cheeks.

    HIGHLIGHTER/EYESHADOW: I used Satin Radiant Stick in Highlight all over the eye (from lash line to brow) then swept it down to highlight the very peak of the cheekbones.

    EYE LINER: To define and elongate the lashline, I used shu uemura’s Drawing Pencil in Black. Also, to open up the eye, I lined the inside rim of the eye with shu uemura’s Eye Light White.

    LASHES: For luxurious lashes we added shu uemura’s Flare eyelashes in Black and finished with a coat of Ultimate Expression Mascara.

    LIPS: I used shu uemura’s Rouge Unlimited #134

    Indian Girl

67th Golden Globe Awards - Julie Benz Makeup : How To ?

    Celebrity Makeup Artist, Kelsey Deenihan for Dexter’s Julie Benz


    “The Golden Globes is clearly one special occasion and Dexter's leading lady, Julie Benz, couldn't risk having anything but a prefect glowing complexion on that red carpet. When deciding what look Julie was going to be wearing at the Globes this year, her fashion stylist, Joey Tierney, and I talked about a pretty, muted, monochromatic look. Julie's dress is champagne color and we wanted to keep the makeup pretty subtle with some highlights to just bring out a little sparkle.”

    How To:

    PREPARE: To begin, I applied intense moisturizing concentrate on Julie's skin to give a bit of extra hydration before applying her makeup. The added bit of moisture allows her skin to stay radiant and carry the makeup throughout the night without getting dry or feeling heavy. Next, I brushed on a small dab of the depsea hydrability moisturizing lip balm to soften her lips. There’s nothing worse than dry cracked lips under a natural lipstick when it’s easily avoidable.

    FOUNDATION: Julie likes to have a full coverage foundation, especially on big event days. The Shu Uemura Face Architect remodeling cream foundation is perfect for her skin. Face Architect gives buildable coverage without looking too heavy allowing the skin to keep a natural radiance while looking flawless. To set the foundation I took a large powder brush and lightly brushed on Shu Uemura loose powder in 5YR medium light. With a little power behind the brush and circular motions on the skin I buffed the powder into the foundation setting it and allowing Julie's flawless canvas to be ready for color!

    EYES: Julie's inner eye and eyelids are highlighted with Shu Uemura eye shadow in white 906. This shimmery white shadow picks up light and brightens her eyes. Above the shimmer is a natural matte color (Shu Uemura beige 835) that I brushed into her crease to give a hint of definition to the lids.

    BLUSH: After the eyes I began to start sculpting the face by contouring Julie’s cheeks and temples. I used Shu Uemura Amber 82 blush as a natural contour. I applied the peachy rose blush just under the cheek bone to give added definition to Julie's facial structure. I then took my blush brush and lightly dusted Shu Uemura Peach 43 blush over the apples of her cheeks to softly blend the contour and add a bit of healthy color.

    LIPS: The natural lip is Shu Uemura lipstick in BG 907 and lipgloss OR 580N over it.

    Indian Girl

Smashbox Heartbreaker Collection Spring 2010 - Baked Fusion Soft Lights - Starlights : Review & Swatches

    Anybody check out the new Heartbreaker Collection from Smashbox yet ?

    The one word that keeps coming to me is : FUN !

    And loads of it. The flirty pinks, juicy lip glosses, bright eye shadows - all super fun ! They are perfect for the upcoming Valentine's day as they are for a bright and sunny spring !

    Oh Spring...
    Doesn't seem so far away, anymore !

    The -is it there? Naa, it not !- look

    One, if you haven't tried the Fusion Soft Lights / baked Fusion Soft Lights products from Smashbox - I'd recommend you swatch them at Sephora on your next trip. I've had their Fusion Soft Lights in Dusk for a while now and its been my default everyday highlighter. Nobody will ever know you have a highlighting product on - its subtle and almost like a soft sheen ! We can of course build up the sheen to a full on highlighter but I prefer the - is it there? Naa, it not ! look.

    Starlight - Its Pink & Natural !

    The new Baked Fusion Soft Lights in Starlight($30) is no different in its glow - very soft, natural and subtle. For this picture below I layered it more than a couple of times so you can see the pink. Just so very romantic without being the cheesy regular pink. The softness comes from the mixture of shades - all combining forces to create a gorgeous wash of color. And the uses are very many !
    Its a great product for light to medium skin tones to use as a blush ! For medium - medium dark / deeper skin tones, I'd say this would be more of a subtle highlighter than a pink blush - the color may not show up so much.

    Have you tried Soft lights ? I hear Kim Kardashian is a big fan of these !

    Indian Girl

    This article contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR. For more details on the disclosure policy please refer to it at the bottom of the page.

Calling All Kim Kardashian Fans - Meet Kim At Sephora !

    Kim Kardashian recently came out with her own fragrance - Kim Kardashian, which will soon be unveiled at four Sephora locations in cities across the country- Miami, New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas by Kim herself ! Attendees who purchase any of the three sizes of Kim Kardashian—the 1oz $35.00 bottle, the 1.7oz $50.00 bottle, or the 3.40z $65.00 bottle—will receive an autographed photo taken with Kim.

    Store Locations & Dates :

    February 4th: 7:00pm-9:00pm

    Sephora South Beach
    721 Collins Avenue
    Miami Beach, FL 33139

    February 10th: 7:00pm-9:00pm

    Sephora New York City
    597 5th Avenue
    New York, NY 10017

    February 17th: 7:00pm-9:00pm

    Sephora Century City
    10250 Santa Monica Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90067

    February 27th: 7:00pm-9:00pm

    Sephora at The Venetian
    3377 Las Vegas Blvd.
    Las Vegas, NV 89109

    Sephora Kim Kardashian Makeover Contest :

    From February 4-17, 2010, Sephora is inviting fans to share why they think they deserve a glamorous , making their case in 50-100 words on what Glamorous means to them via Sephora’s Facebook page.

    Kim will personally choose the winner and fly her and a guest in for a one-on-one “glam consultation” with Kim herself at a Sephora store.

    The fabulous prize also includes a night at Kim’s favorite hotel, dinner at Kim’s favorite restaurant, a $500 Sephora shopping spree, and a makeover from a Sephora PRO Beauty Team artist!

    Visit or Sephora’s Facebook Fan Page - on February 4th for more details.

    Indian Girl

An Old Product A New Favorite : Estee Lauder Plum Amethyst Lipstick

    Hiya Ladies !

    Good Morning !

    Thank you for all your support. I have no idea what I am going to do without a camera but I know I cant stop writing. I can't find something and keep it from y'all. Secrets give me heartburn (Guess the ABC show)

    I have a few pictures of products on me that were just in my folder. Now is the time to unleash that beast.

    A couple of days back when my camera was still working, I got the urgent craving to dig through my lipstick stash. I do this one in a while to see if the shades I have still look good on me. Or in some cases I've totally forgotten about those shades and reintroduce myself to them.

    This is one such story.

    Look how pretty this Plum Amethyst Lipstick from Estee Lauder is ! I've been wearing it with a hint of Sally Hansen Lipnotic Gem Lip gloss just in the center of my lips. I love these Sally Hansen lip glosses - cheap, shiny, gorgeous !

    Yesterday I wore a brown/black everyday almost smokey eye inspired by Rani Mukherjee but couldn't get a pic of it for y'all. Its so simple , may be I'll try and do a video...

    Indian Girl

In Other News ....

    If you've been reading my blog for a while now, you'll know that the " In Other News ..." Section is preceded by an actual beauty / makeup post.

    But that's missing today.

    Its gone.


    Give me a minute while I stack up a few pillows , plant my face on them and scream till my voice gives up. Then may be another ten minutes to have a good cry.

    Just when I thought this was the last of my sour fruit days, my camera went and died on me. Just like that !

    What is my blog without my camera. My camera is the soul to my blog's body.
    The chicken to my soup.
    The base coat to my nail polish.
    The water to my bottle.
    The tea to my cup.
    The cutting to my board.

    You get my drift, I suppose.

    Now give me another 1000000000000 minutes so I can dig a hole , take a piece of toast & jam with me and crawl into it forever.

    But I cant do that either. I had to go get a stupid sugar-free jam which is nothing but a bottle of sour fruit. I mean I cant even crawl into a hole in happiness.

    But I am now. Toast or no toast.

    Goodbye forever,

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick Airy Fairy : Review & Swatches

    Have you tried this lipstick - Airy Fairy ? Very pretty shade !

    I'd call it a lightly frosted pink. Generally I don't like frosted lipsticks - they don't look good on me. But in this one the frost is very little and golden rather than usual silver frost. The lipstick has some fragrance to it, no taste and has very good pigment !

    Indian Girl

Reader Question : How To Make Your Eyeliner Stay On All Day / How To Prevent Eyeliner From Smudging

    This is one of my most asked questions so I had to get it answered on the blog ASAP ! Most recently this question came from reader Farheen

    "Thanks for tackling the long wear makeup question. your answer was so help I used the tips you gave and I swear my makeup stays on 4 times longer at least!

    The only thing i have noticed is this: when I apply pencil eyeliner on the bottom lid or waterline as they call it, it bleeds in half an hour all under my eye. it takes with it my under eye concealer and everything. I look like a panda! please help

    1. How can I make my eyeliner stay on along the waterline all day ?

    We cannot. It is the waterline and eventually our eyes will get what ever is on it out.
    Unless - the eyeliner you use on your waterline is waterproof and sturdy. Even then do not expect for them to stay on for longer than four to five hours.

    2. Whenever I apply eyeliner on the waterline, they bleed out and I end up looking like I have dark circles at the end of the day.

    I have plenty of tips that I follow to avoid this :

    - Start off with a concealer. If you already have dark circles around the eyes - do not go for a heavy eyeliner look. It makes things look worse.

    Instead apply concealer and mask those dark circles. Now we have an even toned surface to start with.

    - Use a waterproof eyeliner pencil or creme eyeliner pencil along the upper lash line. Smudge it out a little bit. Now apply a thin layer of powder eyeshadow in a similar shade over it and gently smudge.

    - Setting with a powder eyeshadow is essential to keep the creme eyeliner in place. Just as we set liquid / cream foundations with translucent powder , we need to set our eyeliners with powder eyeshadow for longer wear.

    You can also draw a line along your lash line with a pencil liner. Go over it with a creme liner and finally set with eyeshadow if you want it stay put for 8 - 10 hours.

    The lower lash line & waterline - these are mostly responsible for the dark circles look.

    - Line your waterline with a water proof pencil liner. Make it just one layer - do not go over it multiple times.

    Now close your eyes so the eyeliner gets transferred to the waterline along upper lash line - easy breezy tight lining. Go over the waterline again with a waterproof pencil liner. Make it just one thin line. The more you cram into the waterline the more the goop that gathers along the corners of your eye.

    - Line the lower lash line, using a waterproof creme / pencil liner.

    - Set it with a thin layer of powder eyeshadow. Gently smudge.

    Apply flake free mascara. Finally apply translucent powder under your eyes.

    That's it !

    Key Pointers

    Contrary to what one might believe applying a thick layer of eyeliner is not going to make it stay on longer.

    Multiple thick layers in one go, along waterline is the worst because our eyes push the product out and we end up having a lot of messy liner issues. Instead apply a thin layer and reapply another thin layer when necessary.

    Layering is key for long stay. A couple of thin layers set with powder stays on without smudging longer than one very heavy dose of eyeliner.

    Keep Q tips handy.

    Products That Work For Me

    Estee Lauder Gel Eyeliner
    Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner Pencils
    Julie Hewett Too Good To Be True Eyeliner Pencils

    Other Options

    One other product I've tried is the Becca Eyeliner Compact. It comes with a product called the Sealant. The sealant literally seals the eyeliner and prevents it from smudging. If you are going for the kohl rimmed heavy eyeliner look, I wouldn't recommend this product because it doesn't have that effect to it. Its more of a gentle everyday liner.

    Guys ! Any product recommendations you have or any tips please let us know about it ! We have have our own ways of dealing with makeup mishaps !

    Indian Girl

The Body Shop's Faves From The '80s - Originals Giveaway Winner !

    Congratulations to SB on winning The Body Shop's Faves From The '80s giveaway !

    Big Thanks to everybody who entered and to The Body Shop for sponsoring this amazing giveaway ! Stay tuned y'all there are more giveaways coming up tomorrow ! Big things to win !

    Indian Girl

What Do You Do About Pimples ?

    A few months back I wrote about My Anti Acne Regime . But this one on my nose was a tough cookie. It came into being a couple of weeks before Christmas and is only now slowly fading. I never mess with them by popping or puncturing. I just ignore its presence and don't even touch em...

    The scar seems to be fading on its own.
    But do you have any advice for me ?
    Any products that has faded your scars in the past ?

    Indian Girl

67th Golden Globe Awards - Tea Leoni Makeup : How To ?

    Who doesn't love Tea Leoni ! At 43 if I look that good, I'll be thanking God everyday !

    Primed skin with aquaPRIME
    Natural Performance Foundation in NP 6
    Double Feature Concealer/Highlighter in DF2
    Translucent Touchup Powder in TL2

    Red Carpet Reveal Palette with Black Eye Shadow
    Front Of The Line PRO in Black
    Visual Effects Mascara in Jet Black

    TANtalizer Baked Bronzer

    Lined and filled in with 06 Pencil (taupe)
    Couture Shine Liquid Lipstick in Elite

    Indian Girl

Macadamia Natural Oil - Healing Oil Treatment : Review

    As far as my hair goes - the only thing I trust will help are oils. This time around its the Macadamia Natural Oil ($36 / 1.5 oz). This oil combines the nourishing properties of both Macadamia Nut Oil, Argan Oil and several other natural rejuvenating botanicals.

    Smells So Yumm !

    The first thing I have to tell you about this oil - is its scent . The fragrance is AMAZING !
    Nothing like I've ever smelled before.

    Smelled before ? Is that right ? Or is it smelt before right ? I never know what's gonna come outta my mouth. Sometimes I surprise myself ...

    Its just so incredibly delicious. I wish there was scratch here area on the computer where you could scratch and take a whiff of this.

    Just for fun

    All The Uses :

    The product is sold as a after wash conditioner to be used on damp hair. But I love using it as a pre-wash conditioner. Post wash I lightly dab a bit of the oil here & there on my hair just for the delicious scent.

    I'd like to be ready just in case I meet a cowboy and he happens to run his fingers through my hair !

    Hey, a girl can dream !

    The makers also claim that the product helps extend the life of color treatments. Apply the oil to the hair prior to color application. This is suppose to improve the ability of your hair to absorb the color. Since I don't color my hair - I couldn't test this out.

    Its Dense But In A Comfortable Way

    The oil is more viscous / dense than coconut oil but lesser than Castor oil. Because it is on the heavier side remember to apply very little and work your way from there. The oil does not disappear completely but neither does it remain greasy. Its a happy in-between state.

    I'd recommend this for girls with relatively thick & dry hair. If you have fine hair, remember to start off with very little product or use it as a pre-wash conditioner. The pump dispenser is good with dispensing just the right amount. The oil adds a lot more moisture and makes hair more manageable. But I'm not letting go of my coconut oil any time soon for two reasons. One, I need a LOT of oil for my hair. Two, its cheap. For now, I am ignoring the downside of the not so pleasant scent.

    The Macadamia Natural Oil line is currently being sold at Ulta. By March 2010, it will also be available at JCPenney Salons. Read more at

    Indian Girl

    This article contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR. For more details on the disclosure policy please refer to it at the bottom of the page.

AIMB Exclusive : Gul Panag Makeup At Stardust Awards 2010

    Bollywood actress Gul Panag looked absolutely fabulous at The Stardust Awards, earlier this week. Loved the classic combo of dark winged out eyeliner with a nude lip. Gul was kind enough to share the details with us !

    The lipstick from The Body Shop could be #04 - Shell Pink or #30 -Beechnut.

    Indian Girl

For N.Y.C Readers & Rue La La Members - Sale Alert !

    Who: Completely Bare Spa and Rue La La

    What: exclusive sale from completely bare FOR RUE LA LA MEMBERS ON MENS AND WOMENS waxing, permanent laser hair removal TREATMENTS, AND FACIALS

    About Completely Bare Spa: The most trusted name in hair removal, completely bare, introduces exclusive discounted rates on its expert waxing and laser hair-removal services and packages courtesy of Rue La La. completely bare was Voted "Best Bikini Wax" by Citysearch and praised as one of the most innovative, successful spas in Manhattan by New York Magazine.

    Completely bare are the specialists in laser hair removal hair removal specialist world-renowned, nationally known. Completely bare spas offer the most advanced, gentle and non-invasive laser permanent hair removal treatment available as well as their signature ouch-less wax system.

    Offer Details : January 20, 2010 Rue La La members will be offered exclusive discounts to take advantage of single treatments usually ranging from $30 – $550 and packages ranging from $750 - $2,750 for both men and women.

    Completely bare products include Bikini Bump Blaster, Completely Smooth, Model Tan, Wax Works Kit, Ouchless Strip Wax and Ouchless Stripless Wax for at home treatments with completely bare spa results.

    Available at four convenient locations in NYC on Madison Avenue, The Bowery, 5th Avenue, and Scarsdale, New York.

    When: January 20, 2010


    Indian Girl

Mila Kunis Makeup : How To ?

    Remember this ?

    Mila Kunis at the Emmy Awards last year ? Though late, I finally bring to you the deets on her makeup from that night.

    Face : Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer #2 Luminizer ($55)
    Eyes : LORAC Red Carpet Reveal Eye & Cheek Palette ($35)
    Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner - Caviar Ink ($21)
    Lips : Julie Hewett Lipstick - Biba ($20)

    Indian Girl

67th Golden Globe Awards - Ashley Greene Makeup : How To ?

    Carol Shaw , the founder of LORAC did a great job on Ashley Greene , giving her a sophisticated look for the Golden Globes last night. The pulled back hair, subtle nude lips, brown eyes - all very soft, very refined !

    Primed her skin with aquaPRIME
    Ashley has gorgeous skin so I used protecTINT Tinted Moisturizer in Tawny
    Temptress for sheer, natural perfection
    Under her eyes, Double Feature Concealer/Highlighter in DF 1.5
    Set with a little Translucent Touchup Powder in TL 2

    Primed her eyes with Behind The Scenes Eye Shadow Primer
    Red Carpet Reveal Palette – I used the lightest shade all over to
    highlight, the medium shade on the lid and crease, the darkest shade on the
    outer corner and crease and smudged under lower lashes for a soft winged
    brown smoky eye
    Front Of The Line PRO Eye Liner in Black – along top lashes
    Visual Effects Mascara in Jet Black – I layered 3 or 4 coats for really
    long, luxurious lashes

    TANtalizer Baked Bronzer for a beautiful warm glow

    Lined and filled in with 06 Pencil (taupe)
    Multiplex 3D Lip Gloss in Polished (nude with pink holographic pearl)

    Indian Girl

Stardust Awards 2010 - Twinkle Khanna : Makeup How To ?

    Twinkle always manages to look elegant ! I almost always love her dress choices , her makeup and the hair.

    The hair, runs in the family I guess. Her mom Dimple has amazing hair too !

    Here, Twinkle went for a brown - bronze kohl rimmed eyes, hint of peach on cheeks and a nude lip.

    Eyes : Apply a cream eyeshadow in deep bronze all over the lid, Julie Hewett Shimmy - Cleo
    Line the upper and lower lash line with a pencil liner and smudge dark brown powder shadow over it. Line the waterline with a black eyeliner pencil. Line the lower lash line with the dark brown powder shadow, as well . Add mascara and do your brows.

    Cheeks : Smashbox Blush Rush - Paradise

    Lips : Creamy Nude Lipstick - Smashbox Captivating

    Indian Girl

Reader Question : How To Apply Eyeliner ? Tips To Apply Eyeliner

    I've tried to apply eyeliner several times but my eyeliner always comes out looking crooked. Help ! - Doli

    How do you get your eyeliner looking so neat. Mine never does - Katie

    1. Don't apply eyeliner when you are in a hurry. When I am rushing my hands are usually a bit shaky and unsteady.

    2. Make your hand steady by placing your elbow on a table.

    3. Dot the area along your lash line and connect the dots for a perfect line.

    4. Draw the line in small strokes starting from inner corner moving outwards.

    5. Use a creme or gel eyeliner with an angled eyeliner brush. They are more forgiving than regular liquid eyeliner bottles.

    6. Try a pen eyeliner with felt or brush tip. What ever makes your skirt fly !

    7. If you did use a liquid/ gel / creme liner and your line got a little wonky - let it dry. Once its dry, run a bit of powder shadow over it and smudge it out. Nobody will notice a crooked line underneath and the double layers will keep your eyeliner looking fresh longer !

    8. Draw a light line along your lash line using a pencil eyeliner. With this as your base, you can now apply a liquid liner over it.

    Practice will make it perfect with time. Eventually you'll be a liner queen !

    Guys ! What tips do you have on eyeliners ? Do you have a product that helped you master the technique ? Dish ...

    Indian Girl

67th Golden Globe Awards - Rose Byrne Hair Style : How To ?

    God, I love those waves. Please hair of mine, please wave like this. Love the hair accessory too !
    Not too fond of the makeup though.

    Harry Josh, John Frieda International Creative Consultant, shares his styling secrets with us to achieve Rose Byrne's stunning look.

    "I went for an old school Hollywood style with a modern twist," said Harry. "The shape and silouette is classic, but I roughed it up a little and loosened the waves to make the look less up tight."

    Harry began by applying John Frieda's Luxurious Volume Bountiful Body Mousse to Rose's wet hair to add texture.

    "Before you start styling, add tons of Luxurious Volume Mousse to sectioned off hair. It will give hair the it texture needs to help the waves set and stay in all night," explains Harry.

    Harry blow dryed the hair with a round brush section by section. Using a small curling iron, he wrapped each section with the iron pointed down. Then he brushed out the curls until he achieved the perfect wave.

    "To ensure Rose's hair would look perfect in front of the cameras and would stay full and lifted throughout the night, I sprayed John Frieda's Luxurious Volume All Out Hold Hairspray. This spray is really light and dry so it doesn't effect the style, but will hold waves in place for hours." explained Harry. "A quick spray and she was ready to go ! "

    Last he added a side pin, just to give the look a little touch of glamour.

    Indian Girl

NOTD - Zoya Happi

    Happy Sundeee !

    I'm off to the library to get a few books. Skin is being a good boy so all I have on is some Smashbox Halo Powder - AWESOME !!!!! ( to be read in a pitch 5 times higher your normal voice).

    Last night while catching up on Jersey Shore, I painted my nails with Zoya - Happi. Back to the shore - I am seriously tired of Sam & Ronni's drama. Snooki & Vinnie is still my favorites ! And if I hear the word - situation one more time, I will pull my hair out :X
    Whoz your Jersey Shore favorite ?

    Indian Girl

15th Annual Critics Choice Awards - Zoe Saldana Makeup : How To ?

    Love Zoe's makeup at the Critics Choice Awards ! It is light on the cheeks , lips and a lot more festive on the eyes ! She was great in Avatar !

    Eyes : Apply a matte brown shadow ( MAC Soft Brown) on your entire lid and blend it with a bit of peach (MAC Tete-A-Tint) on the outer corners. Over the shadow dab a layer of eye safe gold glitter or use a shimmery gold creme shadow like Julie Hewett Shimmie - Cleo. Complete the look with eyeliner along the upper lash line, waterline and loads of mascara or false lashes. Don't forget grooming the brows.

    Cheeks : A sheer pink creme blush
    Rec : Bobbi Brown Sheer Color Cheek Tint - Sheer Raspberry or you can try the new MAC Cremesheen blush - Florida

    Lips : A sheer raspberry pink
    Rec : Smashbox Lip Gloss - Tease

    Indian Girl

Burt's Bees : Have You Tried It ?

    Have you tried Burt's Bees products ?

    For the longest time my lips were addicted to Burt's bees lip balm. Other than that I haven't tried a whole lot from the brand - a tomato soap (not soup) here, a trial pack of shampoo there was all. But I've always wanted to explore the brand a lot more. Their products are all mostly natural and they have a natural scale on their products - 95%, 99% and so on.

    I had a classmate in school who swore by the Res Q ointment. She was Chinese, 38 years old. Looked nothing like it and she told me it was all because of the Res Q ointment. True several Asians, age very slowly but at 38 you do start seeing something - they don't look 16 !

    If you're interested other things she told me was to keep caffeine away( she never drinks coffee), lots of green tea ( I had the brands written on my notebook...Key word : had) and eat only when you're hungry.

    Too bad I cant do most of the above but I've been trying Res Q. Its brilliant ! I'll tell you my story soon. Its a gross story but efficiently describes the usefulness of this product !

    For now, you tell me - What are your favorite products from the brand ? Anything you really really recommend ?

    Indian Girl

Easy Almost Smokey - Black / Gray Eye Look With Estee Lauder Black Smoke Palette

    The Estee Lauder Black Smoke Eyeshadow Palette was released December 2009, with their Blacker Than Black Collection. It is easily one of the best smokey eye palettes out there ! The shades are all very well pigmented , come in a sophisticated gold/blue EL packaging and the shades are classic black/gray.

    Shades : satin bone, shimmery gray, satin gray, shimmery black.

    This is an easy black/ gray almost smokey eye look I did with this palette. I used no eyeliners ! Well none other than the flesh colored one along the waterline. I think its less smokey and light enough for a regular evening ! What say you ?

    Would you guys like a tutorial for the look ?

    On my lips I went with Estee Lauder Long Wear Lip Liner in Spice, applied all over my lips. Its a gorgeous gorgeous shade if you're looking for a brown-rose kinda nude color on pigmented lips !

    This is Spice with Julie Hewett Lip Lush in Tish - pretty sheer golden nude.

    Indian Girl

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