Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eyeliner Pencils - Binge, Mildew, Oil Slick, Crash : Review & Swatches

    The four new shades recently added to the Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner pencil family

    Binge - Metallic Navy Blue
    Crash - Deep Plum with Silver Glitter
    Mildew - Deep Grass Green
    Oil Slick - Black with Silver Glitter

    Love all four shades - they work extremely well with my medium skin tone and they will look awesome on light and deeper skin tones too ! Overall very easy, very versatile shades.

    Binge is a navy blue that works well when applied along lash line but stays on the water line for approximately 0.35 seconds. The shade is slippery and slides off from the waterline onto lash line where it will lay comfortably all day long. I used it on my Avatar movie makeup look.

    Crash - gorgeous. gorgeous. gorgeous. It looks great with my brown eyes and I get the feeling it will be even better on girls with green eyes. The silver glitter gives it a little more punch that a regular plum liner. The glitter is not invisible.

    L to R : Binge, Oil Slick, Mildew, Crash

    Mildew - the shade I see myself using the most. Try it and you will agree that a combo of brown eyes + green liner is better than Bacon + scrambled eggs ! If you are new to colorful eyeliners get this one.

    Its subtle, its fun
    its not black or brun

    read fun as foon and it'll rhyme.

    Oil Slick - the only way grease is ever sexy...other than when its on a hot auto mechanic on TV with killer abs.

    However, hot auto mechanics with killer abs and sexy grease are a myth. They dont exist in real life.

    Oil Slick slips off from the water line too but it has the perfect texture and color to do a smokey eyeliner look. Just line your upper and lower lash line with it and gently run your ring finger over it to smudge it out for a super sexy look ! The glitter again is not super subtle . It is not micro glitter. It will be noticed.

    I'll have a look with with it soon. Its gonna be my birthday dinner look - 5 more days to go and I am not openly excited about turning 26.

    Indian Girl

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