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    Indian Girl

All Natural Henna Hair Dyes For Your Hair

    Henna has been used in India and several other South Asian / Middle Eastern countries for centuries as part of hair care rituals. Apart from the red color it imparts to one's hair , it is also said to make hair shiny and healthy. I believe it hard to find the real Henna leaves here, so this is for those of you who were looking for it.

    Though I have never tried Henna on my hair, I know many of you will be interested to learn that LUSH makes something called Henna Hair Dyes ($20.95). There are four types of henna hair dyes to choose from depending on the color you are looking for - everything from brown, red, chestnut to dark burgundy. This is a great option for those of you who are looking to go all natural with your hair routine.

    Steps On How To Use It

    1. Cut henna up into small pieces and put in a heatproof bowl.
    2. Add hot water and let steep. Mix to a yogurt-like consistency.
    3. Put on gloves and apply from back to front, coating hair thoroughly.
    4. Cover in cling wrap for a more vibrant red. Leave on for one to six hours.
    5. Rinse, shampoo, and condition hair.


    Always do a strand test first. Use face cream (or Ultra Bland) around your hairline and ears to protect skin. Wrap hair in cling film for a redder color. For darker, richer colors, leave on longer (up to six hours).

    Have you tried Henna on your hair ? I am really tempted to try but I've never colored my hair and have been waiting for it to turn gray, so I can start experimenting. Something about enjoying the natural color while it lasts...

    Indian Girl

How To Do The Slicked Back Low Ponytail

    I adore this slicked back ponytail that was featured at the Gucci Show in Milan. I know if I could pull this off, I can do anything - yet the severe but easy style is just a little overwhelming for me. However if this is something you are dying to try out , read on for details on how to pull it off !

    "It's sharp, sleek, and super shiny," says Luigi Murenu, John Frieda's International Creative Consultant. Murenu applied Kiehl's Hair Gel to damp hair and then blow-dried it straight. He used a fine-tooth comb to make a deep side part and then slick it into a tight, low ponytail. He flat ironed the tail and then smoothed over everything with John Frieda Frizz-Ease Thermal Protection Hair Serum. To finish off the ponytail, Murenu wrapped the base with S&M bondage tape.

    And that is how its done !

    Indian Girl

Khloe Kardashian Wedding Pictures

    Well I was just as surprised as the rest fo the world about Khloe's wedding to Lamar. I've been dying to see the pics to check out her makeup and dress. And then I found these !
    Click here to check out 52 pictures from the wedding !

    Indian Girl

Aishwarya Rai & Abhishek Bachchan On Oprah

    I just had to post this .

    How witty was Abhishek Bachchan ! Love him ! So my kinda guy !
    Aishwarya was sweet too. Loved the makeup and the gorgeous saree !
    And Oprah. Love me some Oprah ! I thought the built up, thoroughly exaggerated intro for the couple was hilarious . But glad we got represented :)

    Take a lookie if you didn't catch it earlier. Big thanks to reader Jezzibel for reminding me about the interview !

    Indian Girl

Do You Layer Your Nail Polish Colors ?

    If not you must !
    At the recently concluded NYFW SS2010 there was a whole lot of layering happening backstage at the Tracy Reese Show. The runway look for the show was created with Sally Hansen Complete Manicure in Midnight In New York which provided a deep ebony base, while Hidden Treasure brushed on an unexpected molten metallic finish.

    This collection will be available nationwide in April 2010. But since we cannot wait until then to try out the trend, I wanna hear from y'all !

    Do you layer your nail polishes. Do you have a favorite combo ?

    As for me, I have just recently discovered the beauty of a base coat and a top coat. Details coming soon but for now I cant wait to hear all about your layering stories !

    Indian Girl

Winner Of T3 Feather Weight Dryer Giveaway & The Barbie® Loves T3 Hair Dryer

    Congratulations to Chitwan the winner Of T3 Featherweight Dryer. Please contact me on with 48 hours to claim your prize.

    And now, OMG OMG OMG

    Look at this superlative of cuteness. Its the Barbie loves T3 Dryer !!

    To commemorate Barbie, T3 created a newly designed exclusive edition hair dryer that was used by celebrity stylist, Orlando Pita to style 50 models’ hair at the Barbie Runway show at the Mercedes–Benz Fashion Week in February.

    As part of the Barbie Loves T3 Hair Dryer launch, T3 has created a website dedicated to Barbie’s iconic and fabulous style which features to “50 Days and Ways to Look Barbie Fabulous!”.

    Visit to learn techniques via videos on how to create a new special Barbie look every week until October 15th. On 15th October the fabulous Barbie Loves T3 Dryer will be launched exclusively at Bloomingdale’s 59th street store in New York City !

    Indian Girl

T3 Pro Ever Twirl Curling Iron + Ellin Lavar Instant Shine : Perfect Recipe For Soft Shiny Wavy Hair

    Over the years I have resigned myself to a few facts

    1. I am not creative with my hair styling

    2. My hair wont budge

    3. I love donuts.

    4. Its much easier to love your mom when you're 25 than when you were 16.

    And a few more on boys but that's another story for another time.

    Back To The Hair

    Since the hair did not curl, wave, twist or do anything other than laying flat out straight, I did not spend a lot of time trying to mend it. However I decided to give it one last try after reading several super reviews of the T3 PRO EverTwirl Curling Iron. The pink color helped a lot too.

    In short - its brilliant ! I did not lose one strand of hair through the entire process of curling my hair. No tangling or getting caught in the crevices of the iron. This was major for me because a lot of irons break a few hair strands when you are pulling the iron out of the curl. This really is super.

    Be Consistent For Tight Curls

    The curling iron is long. Really long. You can fit a lot of hair into it at a time. hence making it great for people with long and thick hair. I twirled my hair onto the iron , let the clip rest on it and waited for 10 seconds. Tadaa - gorgeous tight curls ! I really was amazed because though my hair has "waved" in the past there never really was any curl. I went about curling all my hair. I really wanna say the end result was short tight curls all over but I really wasn't consistent So my end result was a mixture of curls and waves. Nevertheless I was thrilled !

    The mixture of tourmaline and silver that is infused into iron is responsible for the softness of the hair in the end. I have had my hair curled professionally in the past and it was a nightmare. My hair was curly but full of frizz. However this mixture helps control frizz and keeps it to a bare minimum giving me a soft luscious curl instead of one that resembles a thorny climber.

    Controls Frizz On Dry Hair !

    Since I did not dare go out with half curly half wavy hair, I brushed my hair lightly at the end to looses up the curls. I was left with gorgeous gorgeous big wavy hair. To control the volume and add some shine I reached out to the Ellin Lavar Instant Shine - a frizz fighting, shine enhancing mist.

    I have tried a few anti frizz products in the past but they have all been ones that were recommended to be used on freshly washed wet hair. I hated that because on wet hair I can hardly tell if there is frizz. And I don't wanna add product until I know I absolutely need it. If you agree with me on this , you mush check out the magic that the Ellin Lavar Instant Shine is.

    Invisible, Man !

    You use it on dry hair ; AKA hair that is not freshly washed / wet. And for my huge mass of hair all I needed was three small squirts. After lightly spraying it onto my hair, I bend down pull all the hair in front of my face and give a good mix so it gets distributed all over.

    The problem however is its invisible. You cannot feel the product, man ! This also is the best thing about the mist ! Its like a vaporizing ghost of a product. Just vanishes into thin hair. Only reason I know it exits is the shine and softness it leaves behind. For all of $7.99 it is a marvelous product. 100 % better than most other anti frizz ones I have used. If you are not one for stay in place crunchy curls, trash the hair spray and go for a shine mist like this one. Makes the curls a lot more softer and believable. I STRONGLY recommend it.

    The pic above was taken two days after my curling / styling. As you see, I still had the shine and the gorgeous big Sienna Miller like waves going. It wasn't until I washed it that it vanished. These two products are truly a perfect combo for my hair unruly stubborn mass of hair !

    Indian Girl

Bad Makeup Happens To Good People : Find Your Light, Priyanka Chopra

    Its remarkable how light changes everything in photos. In Tyra's words , its important to " Find your light" in pictures. There is lesson to learn from PC' s experience here at a recent event ( all the pictures below are from the same event). A lesson in makeup and a lesson in light.

    The light completely drains her out. Makes the skin look shallow, dull and dry.
    One could almost say - Matte makeup is good, just not always. Sometimes its good to go the supple , dewy route.
    But not me, I'll hold on to that comment for now.

    This is bad.
    Real bad.
    Damn the light.
    Totally washes her out.
    Its a White wash. Its a nightmare.

    Hallelujah !
    The girl looks almost angelic here. The complexion looks airbrushed and flawless.
    The makeup - spot on. If it wasn't for the previous pic, you'd never know !

    And then finally there is this. A combo of all the above three.
    It is still wrong but better than the second pic. You will notice how the makeup isn't blending seamlessly. You notice the blush, the foundation, the contour, the dark parts, the light parts - all doing their thing simultaneously, just not harmoniously.

    Another round of bad makeup and bad light happens to good people. That's all.

    Catch Eva Longoria's Edition of Bad Makeup Happens To Good People here

    Indian Girl

    Pic Source

Pantene Pro V Moisture Renewal Shampoo & Conditioner Review. For Good Souls With Bad Hair Days

    Lemme tell y'all something.

    Good hair is life changing.

    Life altering.

    Having abused my hair with really expensive , some not so expensive totally not working products for a while, I finally found something that did. My first contact with Pantene Pro V Moisture Renewal Shampoo & Conditioner were with these words.

    Come to mama !

    The moisturizing touch of this creamy shampoo and conditioner on my dry, fibrous, frizz filled balloon of hair was nothing short of magic. Its wonderfully soft and silky. So much that I almost wanna lay my face on my hair while sleeping. !

    Its amazing what good hair days do to you. I had a bounce in every step I took. I finally let my hair down after keeping it chained with hair ties and scrunchies for so long. I took my new curling iron and created soft waves. All the while my hair lay beautifully on my shoulders only leaving ever so gently with the wind.

    Dramatic Much ? I say not.

    The drama of good hair can never be too much.

    Ooh, I am loving it.

    And am never letting go. Ladies its the same rule whether its a man or a shampoo - when you find a real good honest one, hold on to it tight and never let go.

    If you are a good person who has been unintentionally been abusing your hair for long and made it a parched dry mass, you've finally come home. This is just for you good souls. What better reward than shiny, silky beautiful hair that slips through your fingers, right ?

    So go on good soul, get rewarded for being so good !

    Price - $7.49 each
    Purchase - CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Target
    Purpose - Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner
    Position - Love,
    Indian Girl

NYFW SS2010 - Trend It : All About The Lips - Red Lipsticks For Everybody

    Red lipsticks have been a trend, are a trend and forever will be something women world over love ! This year the reds were at the Dennis Basso and The Jason Wu Shows. Check out the models looking absolutely stunning in different shades of deep, classic and bright red lipsticks.

    The Reds...

    As for me, I've always said I have enough red lipsticks to last seven life times in the fifties. And its no secret that I love the Noir collection from Julie Hewett. Simply the best reds in the world ! And the classic gold packaging makes it ultra feminine and sexy. Some people collect Chanel, some Dior, I collect Julie Hewett Red Lipsticks.

    However I love the color way too much to stick with just one lovely brand. So here is a lookie at all my small collections of the reds. I do wish I could wear them everyday , all day and night but then there are too many good lipsticks in this world ! I love my nudes and pinks and mauves ! But my reds, I love the most !

    Related Retro Posts You'll Love

    How To Embrace The Dark Lip Trend

    Illamasqua ManEater Lipstick

    Julie Hewett - Thandie

    Three Custom Colors Ballet Russe Lipstick

    In Other News...

    Well talking about the reds put me in a very lovey dovey mood. So here is one of my very favorite songs by Queen - Love Of My Life

    Indian Girl

Blonde Rihanna ?

    Not feeling the blonde hair on Rihanna. What about y'all ?

    Indian Girl

L'Oreal Paris Telescopic Explosion Mascara : Review & Swatches

    An interesting mascara.

    Interesting mascara that works !

    Works like a charm !

    Its Spherical

    The L'Oreal Telescopic Explosion Mascara has this sphere for a brush that we first saw with Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes Mascara, sometime last year. So glad to finally find a drugstore version of it because I cannot bring myself to spend $28 on a mascara.

    The sphere is an excellent idea. It is small enough to reach my teeny tiny inner lashes, color them and lift them up ! As for the rest of the lashes, the ball slides easily under them to lift them up, add volume, lengthen and separate ! The lengthening is not phenomenal. More like above average. But the lift is super extreme which makes up for the lack of lengthening. My lashes went from bent down and droopy to straight up and curly !

    The formula is totally non clumpy, light and applies very easily. Its almost like a gel instead of a thick cream. There is some suction at the top which pulls out all the excess goop from the tiny brush.

    The wand is really really long. If it were me, I'd shorten it by an inch or two for better control but then it would become an exact copy of Phenomen'Eyes. Now, where's the fun in that !

    How To Apply

    Place the ball under the lashes and just slide upwards. No wiggly movements. Just slide upwards. I usually start from the inner corner moving upwards and outwards.

    However its easy to lose track of time while coating your lashes with this magic ball. You keep wanting to reach every lash, curl and lengthen them. And, you have so much fun while at it that before you know, you'd have spent ten minutes. And then its all rush rush rush !!!

    Overall, this is one of my most favorite L'Oreal mascaras ever - its light, soft, easy to use with superlative lift capabilities !

    Price - $8.99
    - CVS, Walgreens
    Purpose - Mascara with a spherical ball brush
    - Love,
    Indian Girl

NYFW SS2010 - Trend It : All About The Lips - Cool Purple Lips

    The cool toned purple lips at Vena Cava had everybody talking ! It is bold yet not as bold as black lips. It is super stylish when paired with black or green clothes and hair pulled back. Check out the models below doing it so well !

    Dark Is Not My Thing

    Fall is a great season to experiment with deeper darker shades but not all of us are into it . I for one cannot bring myself to wear Urban Decay's Confession Lipstick though I really really thought I could when the cold season came around.

    So, if you're like me and having a bit of a tough time going dark , then go for the purple. Its not too dark and its exciting what the cool blue undertones in this color do to your face. One thing however is the yellow teeth. These do have a way of making teeth look yellower than they are. So I'd advise a good round of Crest Whitening Strips to remove any or all yellow stains.

    Stay Mauve...err Purple

    My favorite way to sport the purple as of now is the Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place Lipstick - Stay Mauve ($22). Like I said, the cool tone takes a little getting used to but once I got over it , I loved what it did to my face. Its classy, stylish and totally fab ! I am really liking the formula of these Stay in Place Lipsticks. They are not as drying as most long wear lipsticks, glide easily and stay on well for 4 to 6 hours after which they remain as a stain which looks good enough in case you have no time for a touch up. That however is not what EL is promising. They say it will stay put for 12 hours. Could be possible on a day when you are stuck without food or water but not on a regular day.

    Are you lovin the purple lips ? Do you have a favorite purple lipstick ?

    Indian Girl

Hard Candy Is Back & Will Soon Be Available At Walmart !

    Hard Candy, the colorful, tempting and addictive cosmetic brand will soon be hitting the shelves at Walmart. It’s the first time a prestige cosmetics collection has gone mass and features unique, specialty products.

    Some of their star products include Painted Lady Manic Shine Intense lip color, Eye Tattoo, Balm Girls Tinted Lip Balms, Just Nails polish, Eye Candy shadows, Lip Crayons, Fortune Gloss, four different mascara formulas that come in several colors in addition to the regular black / brown and so much more !

    Hard Candy looks like it belongs in Sephora but the pricing totally defies the product offering. All products are in the price range of $5 to $10 ! I personally cant wait to check out the nail polish Sweet pea and The Lengthening mascara in Pink. Pink lashes !!!! *Super* Cute , right !

    Indian Girl

Mallika Sherawat Tweeted Me Back !

    Remember this lipstick that we were trying to decode ? Well, I was and you guys were helping me a LOT !

    Aah..gorgeous shade ! So I tweeted Mallika asking her which one it was and she tweeted me back ! This is what she said :

    So, now I ransacked Smashbox's webiste and came up with a few possibilities. Its one of these Photo Finish Lipsticks :
    Captivating - Creamy Nude
    Exquisite - Brownish Pink


    Lip Enhancing Gloss
    Surge - Shimmery Rose Brown
    Pixel - Creamy Nude

    Which one do you vote for ? I will try and check these out coz head over hells in love with the color !

    Indian Girl

NYFW SS2010 - Trend It : All About The Lips - Bright Orange Lips

    There were several shows this season that concentrated on statement lips. There were cool purples, bright reds, deep brick reds, wine reds, gray lips, girly pink ones, lots of nude lips and bright orange puckers !

    The Trend It - All about Lips series is just that. We are gonna see how we can bring to real life all these gorgeous runway pucker trends ! Lets start with the Bright Orange Lips. Nothing new for AIMB readers. We've discussed the beauty of this brilliant color many times before.

    Super bright oranges were seen this season at Rebecca Taylor Show & The Twinkle by Wenlan Show.

    Five More Ways To Do The Bright Orange Lips In Real Life

    1. Orange are a little intimidating but wearing an orange with a bit of a red to it will make it so much more easier. Especially given the season !

    2. To tone it further down add a bit of a shiny clear / shimmery gloss on top but tone down the color and up the shine !

    3. To take one more notch down add a peach gloss like Julie Hewett Chloe so make it a peachy orange. Now, that will a lot more easier !

    4. Two notches down - apply the orange / orange red lipstick on your lips. Take a slightly damp paper towel, place it in between your lips and press . Do this a couple of times till you achieve your desired intensity. I sometimes do this for the stained effect. Works like a charm !

    5. The easy and important part is to keep the rest of your face clean with just a hint of bronzer on key areas. Let the orange lips get all the attention !

    For plenty of recommendations and swatches of some of the best orange shades, check out my previous post here. It doesn't get easier than this !

    My favorite orange - red lipstick is Julie Hewett - Belle Noir. Its beyond fabulous !

    Indian Girl

Emmy Awards 2009 - Debra Messing Makeup : How To ?

    Here are the LORAC products that Celebrity Makeup Artists Carol Shaw used to create Debra’s Sexy Look - A Modern Take on the Smoky Eye and Nude Lip

    Breakthrough Performance - SMS4
    Double Feature - DF2
    Evening Out Powder – Light

    Red Carpet Reveal Palette - first shade highlight under the brow, second
    shade on lid and crease, third shade on lid and liner for lower lash line
    Black Eye Shadow - smudged on lid
    Front of the Line Pro - black
    Special Effects Primer and Mascara

    TANtalizer Baked Matte Satin Bronzer with SPF 15
    Baked Matte Satin Blush - Exposed
    Perfectly Lit - Luminous

    18 Lip Pencil - Nude
    Breakthrough Performance Lipstick with SPF 15- Nude Scene
    Couture Shine Liquid Lipstick. - Vintage

    TANtalizer Baked Bronzer

    Indian Girl

Emmy Awards 2009 - Leighton Meester

    I'm on the fence. Tell me something.

    Did she look like this

    Or this ?

    The former I like. The latter kinda makes her look tired.

    But its probably the former. Lookie again ...

    What say you ?

    Indian Girl

    Pic Source

Emmy Awards 2009 - Drew Barrymore


    Very Soft.

    Almost too soft, but not.

    Its nice seeing her looking like a delicate princess after seeing her forever in plaid shirts and hair tips dipped in black ink ! Yes, one could argue that the pearls and soft pink add a grand mother angle but I wont say that. Its amazing how much she still looks like the cute little girl in ET.

    Indian Girl

    Pic Source

Emmy Awards 2009 - Christina Hendricks

    I love Christina Hendricks . I think she plays her part in Mad Men to her absolute best. I'm a big fan but am so not feeling her makeup here. Something is wonky about those false lashes . The hair is flat on top and everything is just so blah.

    What say you ?

    Indian Girl

    Pic Source

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