DIY : A Creamy Almond , Walnut Moisturizing & Exfoliating Face Mask

    This is *so* good ! Its beyond *so* good.

    Modesty aside, its the best.

    Help Me

    Somebody Help Me.

    Last evening, I let my wild imagination run wild and wild it did run. I decided on making an almond walnut mask and soaked a few almonds and walnuts in milk. And then I went out for a mild mini workout. Don't ask me what that is. Got back home and ran wild.

    Wild in my mind.

    I threw in the soaked walnuts and almonds into the blender . Gave it one good mix. It was chunky and not face mask-ish. I needed to rescue my mask.

    So, I did what I always do and took a deep long look at my pantry. Pulled out a pack of powdered flax seeds and threw in two huge table spoons of it into the blender.

    Next, I took one long look at my refrigerator. Pulled out a box of creamy yogurt and added two tablespoons of it into the blender.

    And then I let the blender run wild.

    Result : A creamy delicious hunk of a face mask. I saved the hunk up in a container and let it cool in the refrigerator.

    Late last night I decided to give my face mask a try. And man, I cant stop talking about it. I need help. I almost wanna say, I will never buy another face mask. I will make my own - for always, always and always.


    The natural oils in flax seed, almonds and walnuts gave me a whole lotta natural moisture. I can almost throw my moisturizer outta the window. Almost. The milk and creamy yogurt - a healthy glow. Moisture and glow apart, my face was beautifully exfoliated. It wasn't harsh. Neither was it was mild and useless. It was right. *So* right !

    And, you know that tightening effect you get with egg whites ? You'll get the same tightening of pores, with this one ! After having it on my face for 30 minutes, I washed it off but not before a bit of massage. The upward massage strokes got my blood circulating and we all know good blood circulation is very important ! Its a really good thing to often massage your face. Especially with this mask.

    Overall, I got it all - tightening, softening, smoothening, invigorating, exfoliating, glowing - everything !

    Try this one today.
    Scratch that. Now. Try it now.

    IG's Creamy Almond & Walnut Face Mask Recipe

    1 handful - Raw Almonds
    1 handful - Raw Walnuts
    2 tbsp - Ground Flax seeds
    2 tbsp - Creamy plain yogurt
    2 tbsp - milk

    Soak the almonds and walnuts in milk for a couple of hours. Whip these in the blender. Then add in the ground flax seeds and yogurt into the mix. Continue blending until a creamy consistent mixture forms. Store it in a container and refrigerate until time of use ! This should stay good in the refrigerator for 3 - 4 days. Use it as a mask or as a cleanser !

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