Duri Salon & Spa Nail Enamel - Fall 2009 Collection : Review & Swatches

    You know what this shade is called ?

    Slumdog Millionaire !

    So, of course I had to try it right ! I just had to !

    This is my first Duri nail polish and I'm loving the formula ! Its a little on the thinner side compared to most other nail enamels but its not at all streaky or any less pigmented. I love the thin formula because it dries so much faster and when I apply a second coat it lays flat and shiny against my nail. It does not bulge out and look like an additional layer.

    The shade was not something I fell in love instantly. With one coat, it did not blow me away but a second coat brought on the magic in this magenta. If you're over reds and wines , go for magenta. Its the new 'it' fall shade.

    I say so.

    This is just one of the 12 Fall shades from Duri's Rags to Riches collection. If you tried any other shade, lemme know how it worked out for you !

    Price - $5
    - duri.com
    - Nail enamel
    - Love,
    Indian Girl

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