Bad Makeup Happens To Good People : Find Your Light, Priyanka Chopra

    Its remarkable how light changes everything in photos. In Tyra's words , its important to " Find your light" in pictures. There is lesson to learn from PC' s experience here at a recent event ( all the pictures below are from the same event). A lesson in makeup and a lesson in light.

    The light completely drains her out. Makes the skin look shallow, dull and dry.
    One could almost say - Matte makeup is good, just not always. Sometimes its good to go the supple , dewy route.
    But not me, I'll hold on to that comment for now.

    This is bad.
    Real bad.
    Damn the light.
    Totally washes her out.
    Its a White wash. Its a nightmare.

    Hallelujah !
    The girl looks almost angelic here. The complexion looks airbrushed and flawless.
    The makeup - spot on. If it wasn't for the previous pic, you'd never know !

    And then finally there is this. A combo of all the above three.
    It is still wrong but better than the second pic. You will notice how the makeup isn't blending seamlessly. You notice the blush, the foundation, the contour, the dark parts, the light parts - all doing their thing simultaneously, just not harmoniously.

    Another round of bad makeup and bad light happens to good people. That's all.

    Catch Eva Longoria's Edition of Bad Makeup Happens To Good People here

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