Illamasqua Lipstick - Maneater : Review & Swatches ; How To Rock The Classic Matte Red Lips

    I need to get on board with Illamasqua , the latest makeup sensation and what better way to do it than to try one of their most popular reds.

    I am a slave to red lipstick. You know it. I know it. Now lets move on.

    Maneater is a gorgeous classic matte red lipstick. It is stuff the 50's were made of.
    Of all the reds I have, this definitely is one of the more easily wearable colors. The formula though not as drying as most matte lipsticks could have been a little more moisturizing. But then it might add some that's that.

    I've had it for a week but it was only yesterday that I realized its potential. Last night I went out for dinner & movie with friends. I had this really cute gray top that I was dying to wear and knew that a red lip would look perfect with it. So I went for the look ! A classic red matte lip, very light on the cheeks , just mascara on the eyes ( L'Oreal Telescopic) and well done brows. It was one of my only other Makeup Ah- Ha moments.

    For the number of reds I have, I hardly ever wear them but when I do I feel great. This shade is a perfect addition to my collection. It brightens my whole face, makes me look happier, doesn't make my teeth look yellow and works very well with my warm tan skin .

    If you are looking to add more reds to your collection take a peek at Illamasqua. They have plenty of reds. Reds for every occasion and every skin tone !

    Box - matte deep scarlet red
    Drench - matte berry red
    Encounter - matte brick red
    Howl - matte terra cotta
    Ignite - matte reddish orange
    Maneater - matte classic red
    Tramp - matte true red

    Price - $20 (0.14 oz)
    Purchase -, sephora
    Purpose - matte lipstick

    How To Rock The Classic Matte Red - 4 Easy Steps

    1. Exfoliate your lips if they are dry to smoothen and soften the lips.

    2. Apply a sheer lip balm and then lightly dab it off to remove excess.

    3. Apply the lipstick preferably with a lip brush.

    4. Line your lips with a red lip pencil and over over the lipstick to fill in the edges.

    Now, most people do the #4 before #3. For me doing the lip pencil over my lipstick seems to work better :)

    What is your favorite red lipstick ?

    Indian Girl

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