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    Finally, right !

    So, after a few phone calls with Mom, I gathered a few things that I could use for a week as part this Go Natural experiment. I did not want to make a huge post with recipes for face masks and stuff. I wanted to keep it simple and easy to understand. So, I made a list of it all. Please find below, a list of products that can be used as cleansers, toners and face masks. For the body I plan on using Chick Pea Flour with milk and turmeric , all week long. Its the best ever !

    Lets get started !

    I plan on making it the night before and storing it in the fridge. If there is excess, best discard it at the end of the day and make a fresh one for the next day. Its really not much work at all ! We can mix it up and use a different one each day and see which works best for the future !

    The potatoes and tomatoes can be sliced and directly rubbed on the face. Nothing to do !Rose water can be bought at any grocery store. Blend the Watermelon, Cilantro and lettuce , strain them and use a cotton ball to apply. These three juices can be stored in the refrigerator for 2- 3 days.

    As you see, I made a list of solids and liquids for the face masks. The fruits can be mashed and used on their own or mixed with other fruits as a face mask. The rest can be combined with one or more of the liquids and used. If you have oily skin, avoid the oils. Similarly, if you have dry skin use the oils, but in moderation ( 1 tsp). Oily - go for egg white, dry - egg yolk.


    I know, pretty important ! Generally I am pretty light handed with my makeup so I'll continue with the same. I will try and avoid long wearing formulas and water proof formulas because they are often tough to take off. But if you do wear em, use coconut oil to take it off. Apply coconut oil all over your face, let sit for a couple of minutes , go over with a cotton ball and rinse it off. It works very well !

    Lets start tomorrow ! I'll put up the list of products I use everyday and you can do the same ! I'll also try and add a list of foods I eat on that day because I plan on eating healthier. I'd love it if you can share these details too - just for fun ;) This way we can compare and learn ! Also, if you have any more ideas, do share em !

    Indian Girl

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