L'Oreal Paris Extra Volume Collagen Mascara : Review & Swatches

    Did you know women in Japan mix collagen into their tea ?? I swear its true. Its on Oprah !

    Collagen in Tea !!!!!!

    Japanese women, I tell ya. They sure know how to beat age. Here we are injecting it into our lips and frown lines while it could be easily enjoyed in our tea. Not really on the enjoyed part, its an animal protein after all. But in tea none the less !

    L'Oreal recently introduced the L'Oreal Paris Extra Volume Collagen Mascara. Makes sense, collagen fills in and plumps so theoretically its suppose to plump your lashes into "12x" the volume what with all the collagen and the 50% bigger brush. Only it does not. On my tiny droopy lashes it clumps and gives me the spider legs. It does not lift them up or add any length either. Only thing I got was good color. Nice rich deep black. Nothing else.

    Plus I think they went really all in with the collagen because pulling the brush out of the tube gives you this massive amount of mascara goop. When I have exactly five minutes to put my face together, I don't want to spend three of those precious five minutes wiping the excess mascara on a piece of paper. What if I don't find a piece of paper !!! Hell breaks loose.

    So, to avoid hell on me and humanity at large, I wont be purchasing this mascara again. L'Oreal makes some great mascaras , this just isn't one of them. And the collagen in mascara isn't half as exciting as collagen in my tea.

    Price - $7.99
    - CVS, Walgreens
    - Volumizing Mascara

    Indian Girl

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