All Natural Henna Hair Dyes For Your Hair

    Henna has been used in India and several other South Asian / Middle Eastern countries for centuries as part of hair care rituals. Apart from the red color it imparts to one's hair , it is also said to make hair shiny and healthy. I believe it hard to find the real Henna leaves here, so this is for those of you who were looking for it.

    Though I have never tried Henna on my hair, I know many of you will be interested to learn that LUSH makes something called Henna Hair Dyes ($20.95). There are four types of henna hair dyes to choose from depending on the color you are looking for - everything from brown, red, chestnut to dark burgundy. This is a great option for those of you who are looking to go all natural with your hair routine.

    Steps On How To Use It

    1. Cut henna up into small pieces and put in a heatproof bowl.
    2. Add hot water and let steep. Mix to a yogurt-like consistency.
    3. Put on gloves and apply from back to front, coating hair thoroughly.
    4. Cover in cling wrap for a more vibrant red. Leave on for one to six hours.
    5. Rinse, shampoo, and condition hair.


    Always do a strand test first. Use face cream (or Ultra Bland) around your hairline and ears to protect skin. Wrap hair in cling film for a redder color. For darker, richer colors, leave on longer (up to six hours).

    Have you tried Henna on your hair ? I am really tempted to try but I've never colored my hair and have been waiting for it to turn gray, so I can start experimenting. Something about enjoying the natural color while it lasts...

    Indian Girl

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