The Hilarious Search That Led To AIMB

    I love this feedjit widget I have on the side bar. It tells me about the places that people come from to my blog and also about the searches that led to my blog. Its a LOT of fun. LOT. The things that people search for are beyond hilarious. And there are several pervs that end up on the blog too. Yes, internet is a scary place. Every time I see one of those, I thank my good senses for not putting my full face pics on the blog. Just scares me to know some pervs have access to it. It would scare the bejesus out of anybody, man !

    Here are some funny/ weird / stupid searches. Now, I added it as a picture and altered the spelling just to be extra careful and so the original words don't lead to my blog. That would be the worst ! Have fun decoding and laughing, ! Mostly.Puke. Right Puke.

    Seriously when I chose the pen name IG, I never knew it could end up like this. I wanted to get a domain name for my future site and searched for Indian Girl to see if someone had it and curious as to what they wrote on their site. Wait, don't search for it. Again, puke. Its the worst, man .

    I don't know what name to choose for the future website. I know it wont be all beauty. It'll be a bunch of other things too. So, I need to get a short and sweet one. A really good one. A brilliant one actually...

    Got any ideas ?

    Indian Girl ( I know )

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