Korres Materia Herba Toning Cleansing Foam : Review

    Its over.

    I finished it.

    I am mourning the finished product.

    Or is that product finished ?

    Point is - its over.

    The Korres Materia Herba Toning Cleansing Foam is the best foaming cleanser I have ever used. And given my infatuation with foam, I have tried plenty of them.

    95 - 100 % Natural

    The Materia Herba line from Korres is their new organic line. All products in this line are 95 - 100 % Natural. For the past few months I have mostly stuck to organic / natural cleansers and that seems to have a very positive effect on my skin. My friend who was visiting India for a few months and hadn't seen me all this while, told me recently about how she thought my skin looked great ! She has been telling me about it during every conversation we've had since her return ! I personally see something good happening but can't point a finger at what exactly. Either ways I am happy about my switch to organic / more natural cleansers.

    Foam For Dry Skin ! Only, Not Cheap

    Most often foaming cleansers are kept away from people with dry skin. But not at Korres - thank God.

    I have dry skin and I love foam.

    Organic Foam.

    Cheap Organic Foam

    But at $27 it is not cheap. That being said it is organic and it is Korres. The beautiful bottle served me for over three months making it $9 a month which seems okay. Also not to forget how well it served my skin. Unlike most of the other foaming cleansers I had absolutely no dryness or tightening of skin that comes from being dry. It also does a very good job at taking makeup off and cleansing in general.

    Price - $27 ( 5.07 fl. Oz )
    Purchase - korresusa.com
    - Organic Foaming Cleanser For Dry to Normal Skin
    Overall I am sad its over. But it was great as long as it lasted - three months. Which in cleanser years is very good. But then I am not wearing all black clothing, black hat and black netting over my face because I found another equally great natural product and its pulling me through my loss like a champ.

    Will tell soon but let today belong to my Materia Herba Cleanser , please.

    Thank you.

    Indian Girl

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