Carol's Daughter Brighten Up Body Cleansing Gel - Review : Callin All Citrus Lovers !

    This girl here has a mini obsession with with the word " bright ". Bright anything - I will try. So, of course when my dearly beloved Carol's Daughter brought out a new Brighten Up Body Cleanser - I had to try ! Plus, it didn't really break my bank.

    Spirit Talk

    The Brighten Up Body Cleanser is a gel based cleanser that foams like crazy. All you need is a loofah to lather up and get squeaky clean. It looks tame in the bottle but once out its got amazing citrus fragrance that uplifts any spirit in the bathroom and few others that come after.

    NO I ain't talking no Ghost Buster stuff . I mean spirit - your spirit, my spirit, healthy spirit....

    The wondrous grapefruit fragrance stays on my skin and in the bathroom for quite some time. Another reason I don't have the
    in my bathroom.

    Its got Shea and Cocoa butters to prevent drying. I don't necessarily feel dry after my shower but I do appreciate a good dollop of moisturizer all over. I wish it came with a twin moisturizer so I could add a second layer of the fragrance !

    And just in case you were wondering ( I was...) , it is not a brightening product. As in - it does not brighten up your skin . It cleans the skin and brightens up your day.

    Wait, I Don't Like Citrus

    No worries, there are two other options for y'all ! You can either relax with the lavender & chamomile gel or you can get fresh with the Honey Dew, Spearmint gel !

    But just so you know, these two don't brighten your day. They freshen, they relax, they don't brighten.

    Price - $13 ( 8oz)
    - Body cleansing gel
    Labor Day !!!

    What are y'all doin ? Tell me, tell me please. Let me live vicariously through your parties . Indulge me . As for me, I plan on having lots of posting up today. I'm just in the mood to write. To get out my inner beauty addict and let her have a field day on the blog. So, stay tuned !

    Indian Girl

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