In Other News ....

    If you've been reading my blog for a while now, you'll know that the " In Other News ..." Section is preceded by an actual beauty / makeup post.

    But that's missing today.

    Its gone.


    Give me a minute while I stack up a few pillows , plant my face on them and scream till my voice gives up. Then may be another ten minutes to have a good cry.

    Just when I thought this was the last of my sour fruit days, my camera went and died on me. Just like that !

    What is my blog without my camera. My camera is the soul to my blog's body.
    The chicken to my soup.
    The base coat to my nail polish.
    The water to my bottle.
    The tea to my cup.
    The cutting to my board.

    You get my drift, I suppose.

    Now give me another 1000000000000 minutes so I can dig a hole , take a piece of toast & jam with me and crawl into it forever.

    But I cant do that either. I had to go get a stupid sugar-free jam which is nothing but a bottle of sour fruit. I mean I cant even crawl into a hole in happiness.

    But I am now. Toast or no toast.

    Goodbye forever,

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