Reader Question : How To Make Your Makeup Stay On All Day

    This question is from Farheen.

    "Hi there! My biggest problem is How do I make my makeup stay all day? It seems that when I put it on and its fresh it looks fabulous but through the day my concealer starts to wear off a bit and the makeup seems worn out at the end of my workday. Would really appreciate if you could give some suggestions."

    Hi Farheen !

    Sorry it has taken me a while to get back.

    For makeup to stay on all day the key is layering. This is my routine when I want my makeup to be perfect all day long. I give a one minute break between each step so the product has time to sink into my skin and get comfortable there.

    1. Start with a clean face

    2. Apply an oil - free moisturizer. If you use sunscreen apply it over the moisturizer.
    I love Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel or Clean & Clear Moisturizers. As for sunscreens look for oil free ones. I like Clinique Face Cream SPF 30.

    3. Apply a mattefying face primer all over your face and on / under your eyes.
    This is a list of popular primers that can be used on eyes. I love the primers from SKINN. Sally Hansen Natural Beauty makes a good luminizing primer as well.

    4. Use oil free foundation over the primer whenever possible for long stay. Apply your concealer.

    5. Set the concealer with translucent powder.
    The setting is important - it adds another layer over your concealer. This way the first thing to disappear will not be your concealer, it is the translucent powder. And from inside out the primer keeps the natural skin oils from completely ruining the concealer. Same goes for foundation as well.

    6. Apply your blush, eye makeup and lipstick.
    Go a little heavy handed with the blush and blend it out with translucent powder. If its too sheer to begin with - its not gonna last the day. Alternatively you can also layer the blush by applying a cream blush under your powder brush. The creme blush layer will be really thin so there is no way its gonna get paste like.
    I like using Jouer Creme highlighter in Tiare under my blush. The formula is very light and helps the powder blush adhere better.

    7. Set your makeup now with translucent powder.
    Sometimes I use powder foundation over my liquid foundation with a light hand and then apply translucent powder over it. Layering is key for long wear. But its also important to use a light hand so the makeup does not look cake-y and too much.

    8. If I'm having a dry skin day...
    I set my concealer with a little translucent powder and set my face with a setting spray / face mist. I like Clinique Moisture Surge. But I love Amore Pacific Moisture Bound Mist

    All my fellow readers / makeup enthusiasts - I'm sure you guys have super awesome tips or may be you do things a different way! Share what works for you. Lets help Farheen out here !

    Indian Girl

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