Reader Question : How To Apply Eyeliner ? Tips To Apply Eyeliner

    I've tried to apply eyeliner several times but my eyeliner always comes out looking crooked. Help ! - Doli

    How do you get your eyeliner looking so neat. Mine never does - Katie

    1. Don't apply eyeliner when you are in a hurry. When I am rushing my hands are usually a bit shaky and unsteady.

    2. Make your hand steady by placing your elbow on a table.

    3. Dot the area along your lash line and connect the dots for a perfect line.

    4. Draw the line in small strokes starting from inner corner moving outwards.

    5. Use a creme or gel eyeliner with an angled eyeliner brush. They are more forgiving than regular liquid eyeliner bottles.

    6. Try a pen eyeliner with felt or brush tip. What ever makes your skirt fly !

    7. If you did use a liquid/ gel / creme liner and your line got a little wonky - let it dry. Once its dry, run a bit of powder shadow over it and smudge it out. Nobody will notice a crooked line underneath and the double layers will keep your eyeliner looking fresh longer !

    8. Draw a light line along your lash line using a pencil eyeliner. With this as your base, you can now apply a liquid liner over it.

    Practice will make it perfect with time. Eventually you'll be a liner queen !

    Guys ! What tips do you have on eyeliners ? Do you have a product that helped you master the technique ? Dish ...

    Indian Girl

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