Burt's Bees : Have You Tried It ?

    Have you tried Burt's Bees products ?

    For the longest time my lips were addicted to Burt's bees lip balm. Other than that I haven't tried a whole lot from the brand - a tomato soap (not soup) here, a trial pack of shampoo there was all. But I've always wanted to explore the brand a lot more. Their products are all mostly natural and they have a natural scale on their products - 95%, 99% and so on.

    I had a classmate in school who swore by the Res Q ointment. She was Chinese, 38 years old. Looked nothing like it and she told me it was all because of the Res Q ointment. True several Asians, age very slowly but at 38 you do start seeing something - they don't look 16 !

    If you're interested other things she told me was to keep caffeine away( she never drinks coffee), lots of green tea ( I had the brands written on my notebook...Key word : had) and eat only when you're hungry.

    Too bad I cant do most of the above but I've been trying Res Q. Its brilliant ! I'll tell you my story soon. Its a gross story but efficiently describes the usefulness of this product !

    For now, you tell me - What are your favorite products from the brand ? Anything you really really recommend ?

    Indian Girl

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