Look Sunkissed Not Sun Drenched !

    Ever gone over board with the bronzer ? These small tips might help ya out with it, this winter! Also check out the article on Vogue India.

    Bronzer might be the single most widely bought / used makeup product in the summers but its real magic is brought to light only in winters. Imagine pale dead skin transforming into a healthy complexion, tinged to spring-y perfection – the mighty bronzer can do all that.

    And this.

    Overdoing the bronzer can be disastrous – red carpet or not. Key is to dust the bronzer along the contours of your face instead of applying it all over.

    Start off with a light dusting along your hairline. Follow with drawing the infallible 3 on the side of your face – Start above your temple, pull into the hollow of your cheek and out onto your jaw line. Remember the 3 - this will be your secret weapon for everything from killer cheek bones, effortless contouring to the faux glow. Follow the three with a light dusting of the bronzer on the bridge of your nose. Now without dipping your brush into your bronzer, run it along your neck – you don’t want a pale neck on your gorgeous sun kissed face!

    Indian Girl

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