Green Home

    in Mumbai.

    I hear its rare. Just as rare as finding cute boys. Let alone tall, cute boys with dimples and glasses. Oh how I love em.

    But I am blessed with this new home I found. The terrace is what the lady lady calls - an Urban Jungle. Woke up this morning and took a few long deep breaths. Almost felt like I was cleansing my lungs out. And all this greenery just puts you in a chirpy mood for the day. I'm gonna take every chance to show this off.

    Here I go.

    Love the rosettes of leaves on this water plant




    Like mint but not (tastes awful)


    Excuse the pajamas.


    And then I found this beauty


    Green breakfast - Carom leaf


    Now onto the real deal with Adele playing in the background. I'm really not love lorn or anything. Pretty happy save for the part about lack of eye candy in Mumbai. Might import one or two here soon but that's another story for another time.

    And if you could help me move onto another song, I'll love you for it. This obsession has gone on long enough.


    Now, tell me

    Indian Girl

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