Clinique All About Eyes Serum Roll On : Review

    I've written about my body's ability to produce massive amount of heat before.

    If you haven't read about it - the gist goes something like this : My body produces massive amounts of heat.

    All that makes summer an extremely difficult time for me. And I keep struggling to lower my body's internal temperature so my organs don't burst out in flames. Speaking of cooling your body my mom tells me that our eyes, skin , feet and top of the head are places that help the most in temperature control.

    Beat The Heat

    In India it is common practice to slather some henna on the bottom of one's feet. Color apart Henna is very popular for its cooling ability. It almost just sucks the excess heat out of your body. As far as eyes go, for as long as I remember cucumber slices have been the norm. Except this can be done only in the privacy of ones home.

    We Live In The Future

    But we live in 2010. Even cucumber now comes conveniently packed in a roll on tube like the Clinique All About Eyes Serum Roll On. The serum is a light gel like formula that the roll distributes evenly on the eyes while providing a much needed cooling effect. It remains cool even if you just leave it on the counter top. The light pressure of the roll on, along with the caffeine is just what I need to reduce my early morning / anytime of the day puffiness. The gentle pressure displaces the fluid collected around our eyes responsible for the puffiness.

    The roll on works great under makeup. It adequately moisturizes and does not leave any film of gel behind. The serum gets absorbed almost immediately. Overall for me its a savior for summer. I've used it a month now and have used up less that quarter of the tube. I'm feeling good about that given its price - $25. Now I'd love for it to have been $14. That would be a great price, so I could keep a couple of these around...

    Best Gift This Summer

    Personally I think it makes for a great - just-like-that gift to your friend/ mom/ sis / me / boyfriend even. Everybody has stressed out eyes these days what with the internets and all. So give them the gift of de-stressing - it will be much appreciated !

    In Other News

    Who is a fan of the book - To Kill A Mocking Bird ?

    I am.

    If you haven't read it - you must. I am going to go ahead and say this - it is one of the few books that changes your life. Makes you want to be a better person. I sat five hours straight and finished the book. The next day I saw the movie. Movie is great, Gregory Peck is fantastic as Atticus but the book is even better.

    Have you read the book ?

    Indian Girl

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