The Best Eye Brow Shade For Brown Girls !

    Julie Hewett Eyeshadow - Vita.

    It does not get better than this. The shadow is not sold as a brow color, it is sold as an eyeshadow. But lemme tell you, it is the one I swear by. I've been using this shade since almost the beginning of this year and have never had a bad brow day.


    I actually picked the shade myself and made my own brow kit with Julie Hewett's Custom Palettes. I took the two pan palette ($8) added Vita ($10) - a matte plum brown brow shade and Silk ($10) - a pearly white-beige highlight shade. These two together make for gorgeous Kim Kardashian like perfect brows !

    It only makes sense I tell you about this now so you can get it at a 40% off discount, if you were looking for a great brow shade !

    ...............................What is your favorite brow gadget ?

    In Other News

    It does not get more adorable than this. A nonstop Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.......


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