Five Beauty Musts For Girls On The Go

    Today's guest post is by my twitter friend - Hitha, a girl on the go. Hitha writes at Hithaonthego - must read for me ! The girl knows what she is talking about , and I cant say that about this other person who writes everyday on this blog. Big thanks to Hitha for letting us in on her travel beauty tips ! When Indian Girl asked me to write a guest post on her fantastic blog, I racked my brains for a topic that you all would actually care to read about. She gives you the great makeup tips, excellent product reviews, and knows far more about makeup than I ever could. So what to write?

    I do plenty about life on the road, with my job at a startup pharmaceutical company. I’m the resident gypsy of the company, constantly traveling to alliance partners’ sites, trade shows, conferences, and between our various offices. My skin reacted poorly to the change—I was breaking out constantly, my skin looked dull, and looking not so hot stressed me out even more.

    One year and countless trials of skin and beauty products later, I have found some truly excellent products that I want to share with you to keep your skin healthy and your makeup routine quick and pretty. Let me know what you think!

    1. Proactiv
    Despite the corny commercials, when I was battling through stress—induced breakouts had me ordering the 30-day trial of this system. And while nothing else (dermatologica, Neutrogena, Murad, and some organic system I picked up at Whole Foods) worked, this did. I am hooked and grateful that I took a chance on the Katy Perry-endorsed product, as it brought my skin back to normal and looking better than ever. I recommend ordering the 30-day kits off Amazon as needed; if you order through Proactiv, they send you products without your ordering them and bill you back for them.

    2. Burt Bee’s Acne/Blemish Spot Treatment
    Like my quest for the perfect skin care system, I’ve also been on the hunt for a great spot treatment. After screening countless products, this is the one that works the best. Upon application, you have this great cool refreshing feeling (as opposed to a sting from most spot treatments), and it’s more effective than anything else I’ve used. I saw a significant reduction in blemishes and scars after a week. What more can you ask for? Best part—it’s budget friendly, at a whopping $10.

    3. Benefit Erase Paste
    Though the skin is under control, I have acne scars and undereye circles that require heavy concealing. Nothing works better than benefit’s Erase Paste (color dark, for you desi girls); it’s rich, creamy, and provides the right amount of coverage while still being breathable. Every girl needs this in her makeup bag.

    4. La Prairie Cellular Treatment Foundation Cream Finish
    I discovered this product while wandering the aisles of duty-free during a spectacularly long layover, and it’s quickly become a staple in my makeup bag. I love that application with a wet brush provides great coverage, and it sets over an Erase Paste concealing beautifully with a fluffy powder brush. Best part, La Prarie is made with clean ingredients that help your skin, not harm it.

    5. Dior Crayon Eyeliner in Black
    My makeup routine is quite basic—a clear face, slightly made up eyes, and clear shiny lips. I work with mainly older men, and experimenting with fun eye makeup looks is something I avoid for the work day. My all-time favorite eyeliner is the Dior Crayon—clean lines are great for the work day, and a few extra swipes and a quick smudge helps create a lovely smoky look for nighttime. With my meager makeup bag, I have no qualms about splurging on the few items I use, and this is definitely worth every penny.

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