What's On Your Bathroom Caddy ?

    I need to know.

    You see, summer is a really hard time for me.
    Exceptionally hard.

    When the whole world around me is thinking of
    White clothes
    and other fluff like that

    I am busy thinking about
    Pools filled with kids who do stuff in the pool
    Adult jumping into the same pool
    Treacherous Heat
    Dreaded Sun
    A/C Bills
    Sweat stains on white clothes

    You get the drift ?

    My safe haven is my bathroom. I try to be water conscious so make my 10 minutes in the shower count.

    Gimme the best bath product for summer. What makes you feel good ? What is heat / summer friendly ?

    For the last few months of glorious winter I loved my Olay Botanical Fusion Body Wash. Its very creamy , has a good scent and is relatively cheap. I found it for $2 at Big Lots, man ! I went through a couple of bottles lathering it generously on my parched skin, enjoying the softness and hydration it retained after a hot shower.

    But with temperature touching 85 out here and my body temperature reaching roughly 112 degrees I cannot do creamy man. I want something that will make me feel fresh, with no additional softening moisture, takes care of sweat and things that come with sweating.

    Nothing does all the above better than a bar of soap. I picked this up at Walmart.

    This is a girl soap - no two ways about it. The peachy color , the citrus fragrance - all girly. But its a super muscular girl - takes care of sweaty me very well and lets just say all I can smell on me after shower is orange. The other stuff is washed away - well.

    For now I am happy doin Olay in the shower.

    Wait that doesn't sound right.
    At all.

    Also if the one major question in your life has been -

    -------------------------------- Olay or Dove ?--------------------------------

    I'll give you the cheat sheet on that - Olay. This summer I have finally realized Dove to me is a winter soap not 85 degree Texan Summer disguised as Spring soap.


    Sorry. I have no idea why its stuck in my head.

    Indian Girl

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