Jergens Sensitive Skin Relief Fragrance Free Daily Moisturizer : Review

    As far as body lotions go I have been a Curel girl for ever and ever. Amen. It is deeply hydrating, has a good lavender scent and is non sticky most of the times.

    But something about the name Jergens ( no logic, I know) always told me the product would be sticky. So I avoided it at all cost. Just like I avoid Suave products. No reason no rhyme just my mind. ( Ooh , beat that !)

    That was me. But my best friend swears by Jergens. She buys them in bulk at Costco. And when I'm at her place I have to use it. Imagine my shock when I realized it was good. Just as good as Curel ! Also a wee bit cheaper. Though heavy, the lotion gets absorbed very easily ! And the best part is I can use it anytime and it works just as great. No more worrying about slathering it on damp skin.

    The Sensitive Skin Relief Lotion is the one I tried. It is non irritating, fragrance free, dye free, lanolin free and is great for dry skin like mine. The product comes in a huge 16.8 fl oz bottle with a pumping dispenser. Though I'd love to be religious with moisturizing my body every day, I am not. Most days I am lucky if I shower.

    What ? Did I just say that out loud ?
    I'm kidding of course. You know that.

    If you're looking for a heavy but easy body moisturizer and are on a budget ( $7) give Jergens a try. You wont be disappointed. You might even be pleasantly surprised ! Always trust an ex-snob.

    Are you a snob when it comes to certain brands ? Does your mind make weird baseless accusations on some products ? Please tell me I'm not alone here.

    Indian Girl

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