Reader Contribution : Sunitha's Get Even Skin Tone Routine

    After reading the post on Frieda Pinto ('s chin) lovely reader & fellow beauty junkie Sunitha wrote to me with her remedy for it ! Sunitha had a somewhat similar issue with her whole face being about 2-3 shades darker than the neck. She started this routine about 3-4 months ago and has seen a lot of improvement.

    In Sunitha's words " am happy to say that my face now looks like it belongs on my body."

    This is what Sunitha's program. A big thank you to Sunitha for sharing this with us. I am sure many of us will benefit from this.

    " Skin Type : normal/combination

    AM : Wash face with Pears or Margo soap
    Rose water as toner
    Fragrance free moisturizer + sunblock

    PM : Wash face with Pears or Margo soap
    Rose water as toner
    Bliss peeling groovy serum
    Organic rose hip oil /organic aloe vera ( I alternate every other night between them and I buy Aubrey Organics brand from whole foods)

    First and foremost I switched to fragrance free skincare. Fragrance can react for some people with UV rays to cause hyper pigmentation.

    Switching to fragrance free was the biggest help for me but the other two products that helped me are the Bliss serum and the rose hip oil which seems to be a key ingredient in many moisturizers and anti aging products. "

    Indian Girl

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