Morph Your Pictures

    I found this website a few days back and had forgotten all about it. Today I was going over my photo foloders and came across all these morphed pics. Its a lotta fun ! You can upload any pic of your choice ( yours or anybody else's or a celbrity's) and you can combine it with that of one or more celebrities. the software mixes up the features to give you a morphed version of the original pic.

    Check it out here

    My base pic was this one of Jordon Dunn's.

    And then I morphed her four times with four different celebrities. Do you wanna a guess at who the four celebrities were ?

    Your clues (in no particular order)

    Oprah called me the world's most beautiful woman
    I am still J$#@%y from the block, used to have a little now I have a lot
    I only have two movies
    I am Sasha fierce




    Indian Girl

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