Crazy Easy Scary Bloody Vampire Look

    The scary vampires are from The Vampire Diaries , of course. This is my take on their blood shot eyes. It took about 5 minutes to do this . I don't think any more time should be spent on a Halloween look. In 10 minutes of entering the party you're gonna be drunk and then everybody looks just the same - hardly scary.

    Oh yeah - this is tanned vampire. Go figure.

    Also the look is cheap.

    Products Used :

    NYC Maximum Boost Volumizing Mascara - Blackberry Brandy
    Julie Hewett Cheekie - Vampie
    Julie Hewett Lip Liner - Sin Noir
    Revlon Golden Affair Blush - Merlot At Midnight
    Urban Decay Deluxe Eye Shadow - Freakshow

    Description :

    1. Start off with no concealer. (yay!)
    2. Its all about not getting anything right.
    3. Apply a purple/ wine cream shadow / blush all over your eyes and under the eyes. Lightly dab it all over. Should not be neat.
    I cannot stress that enough.
    I used Julie Hewett Vampie
    4. Use a deep red blush / eyeshadow. Load it onto a fluffy brush and dust it all over eyes and below it.
    I used Revlon Blush - Merlot At Midnight.
    5. Using the same fluffy brush, load the deep purple shadow onto the brush. Dust it along the outer corner of your eye. Also using a thinner brush, layer it along your lower lash line - thick unruly line.
    6. Take the red mascara and run it on your brows, tinting them to a deep red. Tint your lashes as well.
    I used NYC Maximum Boost Volumizing Mascara - Blackberry Brandy
    7. Take the red mascara goop , load it onto a thing eyeliner brush and draw the veins.
    8. Or you could just roll the mascara wand under your eye and along the edges for a crazy red pattern and drop some goop here and there.
    The goop is important.
    Very important.
    9.Line your lower lash line, water line with a red / copper eye pencil.
    I used Julie Hewett Lip Liner - Sin Noir
    10. Take some mascara goop and apply it on the corner of your mouth to mimic dripping blood.
    Use a deep wine / red shade on your lips.
    I used Julie Hewett - Vampie

    That's it !

    The only time mascara goop comes in handy.

    The veins on my right eye.

    The mascara pattern + goop on left eye.
    Its all about giving my readers a choice.
    Nobody is talking about the quality of the choices offered.

    Indian Girl

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