Another Braiding Style - The French Braid

    Hiya Ladies !

    Hope your Friday is almost over and you're looking forward to a glorious weekend !

    I not only came over to wish you a happy weekend, I also have a happy hair idea to share with y'all. Couple of days back, while watching late night TV, I suddenly remembered the french braid. I saw a video of it a while back and tried it on my then long hair. Unfortunately it felt way too complicated then and needed way too much arm strength.

    Now that my hair is much shorter ( I still have zero or negative arm strength), I gave it a go and 5 minutes later - I had this on my head ! Its something like a rough draft - I didn't have a hair brush handy so its not all neat and tidy. But you get the idea.

    There is video below that teaches how to do the French Braid. It is very simple. Don't get scurred of all the technical words like right hand, left hand, ring finger, pinky finger, open up face down in the first video. Sometimes people make simple things way too complicated by explaining it in too much detail.

    I started the braid at the back of my head instead of the top as in the video. Anything works ! It will also be great to continue the french braid with a fish bone braid. Go on and give it a go this weekend. Lemme know how it turns out !

    Indian Girl

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